When Exhaustion Sets In

What are the symptoms of exhaustion?

You wake up tireder than when you went to sleep or you suddenly grind to a halt in the midst of a busy day.  

A quick way to restore your vitality is to lie down in makrasana and allow yourself fall asleep for 10 minutes. Ten minutes of sleep in makarasana can feel as refreshing as a whole hour of ordinary sleep.


Makrasana (from the Dru Yoga Course)

Lie in the prone position (on your front). Fold your arms, allowing your right hand to clasp your left elbow and left hand to clasp your right elbow. Ideally place your forehead on your arms or on the floor centrally.

If this does not feel right, move your head so that you can turn your face to the left or right side and rest it on the floor.

Separate your legs as far as is comfortable. Turn your heels inwards and toes out. Focus on your breathing and relax in this position for 3 minutes or longer. Then draw your legs together and move into the extended child position before coming up into a sitting posture.

Please be aware that this is not a substitute for sleep which you probably need right now, but it is remarkably effective for getting you over a hump.  


Other tips for overcoming exhaustion

There are a host of other good Dru Yoga postures and sequences that can boost your energy levels. Surya Namaskara1 or the sun salutation enhances your solar energy, giving you dynamism, resourcefulness and enthusiasm in all that you think and do. Traditional yogis will practice 24 rounds of the sun salute but even one to three rounds will transform how you are feeling about yourself.  By honouring the sun through movement you reignite your own power to shine – a great antidote for overcoming exhaustion. You can learn about the Dru Surya Namascara in our book Stillness in Motion or on our Dru Yoga DVD’s.


Safety Tip:


Pregnant women, after 3 months, should avoid lying prone. They should lie on their side instead. Avoid lying on your front if you feel any constriction in the chest area.


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