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Rita Goswami


What is maya? Maya is illusion. It is a veil of illusion that is part of the creative power of Brahman – Brahman being the absolute reality that we have been talking about over the weeks.

The Chosen Word


A technique that has helped me personally is what I would call, in layman’s terms, The Chosen Word Strategy.  And what do I mean by that? What is the chosen word?  A chosen word can be a syllable, a word, a sentence that you use to consciously interject into your mind and it is a way of disciplining your mind.  
What sort of word would that be?  Like ‘Love’, ‘Joy’, ‘Peace’ and you could also use words that help you to connect with the highest.  For some it would be Christ, Allah, the name of Krishna, Mahavira, Buddha, Jehova, and so on. 


Satyam and Mitya


Two important concepts from Advaita Vedanta are Satyam and Mitya, as they help explain what our true nature is and what has been super-imposed upon us.  Satyam is that which is real beyond the three  phases of time.  It is beyond time and space, eternal and permanent.  Mitya is neither truth, neither false, but it is an apparent reality that depends on Satyam for its existence.  And it is Impermanent.  


Dharma and Adharma


Today we are exploring dharma and adharma. What is dharma? Dharma is a Sanskrit word that denotes many things in different contexts and can be applied differently. However, one definition of dharma is. It represents laws of truth that govern creation.

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Rita Goswami

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