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tealight candles, world peace flame, box set of six
Candle World Peace Flame Votive

Give the gift of peace to your loved ones and friends with a World Peace Flame candle.

The energy of the World Peace Flame is transferred by lighting one candle from another that has already been lit by a World Peace Flame.

Tulsi, Ram mala (108 beads)
Sacred Mala beads

Sacred hand mala beads (and beautiful pouches) using a variety of beads such as 1) lotus seeds with amazonite Guru,

Fresh water pearl mala (108 beads)
Tulsi, Ram mala (108 beads)
Neem mala (108 beads)

These auspicious mala beads from Vrindavan, India, have been carved from the wood of the neem tree. Neem, an intrinsic part of Indian culture, is considered to be extremely pure and is said to cure 40 illnesses.

Rosewood mala (108 beads)

Rosewood is considered holy in India and helps you to connect with the energy of your heart. It symbolises kindness and the qualities of compassion and openheartedness.