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Camilla Nova
Dru Yoga and / or Meditation teacher in Myocum near Mullumbimby Australia

I have been a total fan of Dru Yoga and Meditation for over 15 years. I have watched the transformation of my own life, in terms of my physical body, emotions, mental & spiritual state, as I use the techniques on most days of the week.
My background is as a Psychologist working in schools, and realised quickly the power of the Dru sequences, asanas, meditations and wisdom they teach in their courses. It is a fantastic tool for any issue in every day life...
As well as having successfully completed the Dru Yoga and Dru Meditation Courses, I have also studied the Dru Post Graduate Course, the Dru Sound Course, and the Steps to Enlightenment Course, which explored deeper aspects of meditation.
I have found all tutors & participants "walk the talk", which is a testament of how powerful Dru is in all the lives it touches. I am so fortunate that my life has Dru as its guiding principle.

About my classes...

I teach one two hour class a week in my beautiful mudbrick studio on my property near Mullumbimby in Northern NSW.
I love to teach energy block release sequences, asanas, as well as other movements & sequences that bring our physical bodies, our emotional & mental states into ease & balance - with the final relaxation enhanced by the pure tones of my Crystal Bowls... a beautiful transformative and relaxing process...
In my classes, I delve into the deeper understandings of what we are intending to achieve with the movements and meditations, to develop greater wisdom in ourselves by the amazing techniques Dru teaches us.



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