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Deb Ryan
Dru Yoga and / or Meditation teacher in South Durras New South Wales Australia

I have been passionate about Dru Yoga since day 1 of teacher training in 1999.
My goal is to make every student feel welcome, able to do Dru Yoga safely and enjoy the practices as each Dru class has the potential to heal and transform on so many levels..
Dru Yoga has impacted upon my life significantly—I have confidence where there was none, more strength in my body than ever before and a renewed powerfully positive perspective on life. As a teacher of Dru, I want all of this and more for my students.

About my classes...

My classes are fun, engaging, sometimes energetic and sometimes total relaxation, even through out the movements
I often include restorative Dru yoga and meditation to relax deeply and feel completely refreshed.
Each student is given options to modify the practices according to their health needs and how they may be feeling at the time.
If you want to get the most out your practice, these classes allow you to go deeper and explore your own journey through Dru Yoga.






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