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Imogen Groves
Dru Yoga and / or Meditation teacher in East Devon and online United Kingdom

Through the challenges of 2020 I realised I had to teach more!! I invite you to join me as I share practices to find balance, calmness, stillness and joy. To challenge and nuture. To relax and energise. At all levels of being.
Do get in touch, it will be great to share the amazing benefits of Dru Yoga and Meditation, through classes, One to Ones and Workshops. You can also explore the opportunities of the ‘come to any weekday class in a calendar month for £50’ option. The vision is to encourage regular practice. That is where the real benefits of Yoga and Meditation lie and once students discover this I trust they will share their experience with friends, family and colleagues, and come together in classes where we can share and spread positivity, wellbeing and of course peace and joy.

About my classes...

I teach face to face in Honiton on Thursday evenings at Honiton Methodist Church and outside in Tipton St John on Monday afternoons and Friday mornings when the weather allows (via Zoom when the weather is inclement)
I also teach One to Ones and Weekend workshops - both face to face and via Zoom.



07530 060067



Class Info Email Phone City / Suburb Postcode State / County Current until

When appropriate face to face classes in Honiton on Thursday evenings. Get in touch for dates and venue.

imogengroves@gmail.com 07530 060067 Honiton EX14 29 April, 2025
Monday 7-8.30pm Online

general class

imogengroves@gmail.com 07530060067 online online 20 December, 2025
FRIDAY 9.30-11am via Zoom

this class will be face to face in Tipton St John when possible (otherwise via Zoom)

imogengroves@gmail.com 07530060067 via Zoom via Zoom 26 March, 2025
Monday Chair Yoga

Zoom chair class

imogengroves@gmail.com 07530060067 online online 26 April, 2025
Early Yoga Friday 7am to 8am

Great way to start the day, movement, breathwork, relaxation and short silent sit

imogengroves@gmail.com 07530060067 online online 17 December, 2025
Wednesday Dru Meditation 7pm to 8.30pm

Bookings taken per month.

imogengroves@gmail.com 07530060067 online via Zoom via Zoom 31 December, 2025
Wednesday 1hr Dru Yoga Gentle 4pm to 5pm

Online class

imogengroves@gmail.com 07530060067 via Zoom via Zoom 29 December, 2025
Dru Meditation Monday 2pm to 3.30pm

Monday 2pm to 3.30pm payment by monthly block

imogengroves@gmail.com 07530060067 online online 29 December, 2025
Saturday 1.30-4pm Workshop

Workshop via Zoom get in touch for details

imogengroves@gmail.com 07530060067 01404 815276 online via Zoom via Zoom 31 December, 2025
Online One to One or Face to Face in East Devon

Half or one hour sessions, please get in touch for more details

imogengroves@gmail.com 07530060067 online online 31 December, 2025
MONDAY Early Morning Yoga 1hr Class 7am to 8am


imogengroves@gmail.com 07530060067 Zoom Zoom 31 December, 2025