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Irene Knauseder
Dru Yoga and / or Meditation teacher in Brisbane Queensland Australia

As an experienced Secondary Teacher of 30 years and adopting a wholistic lifestyle, I have sought to combine my teaching expertise with my deep commitment to life-long learning and passion for self-discovery. I can empathise with those of you seeking a solution to physical, mental and emotional pain. Having experienced excessive chronic back pain to the point of passing out and at times unable to walk, specialists and surgeons told me I was beyond surgery and could risk further deterioration of my spine. I chose to fight, to take responsibility for my life and to heal myself, inside out - connecting Heart, Mind & Soul. Dru Yoga & Meditation have been pivotal in my healing and are an intrinsic part of my lifestyle.

About my classes...

Dru Meditation - incorporates Yoga, Relaxation & Meditation.
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