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Joshna Patel
Dru Yoga and / or Meditation teacher in United Kingdom

I am one of the Dru Yoga teachers in the Dru Midlands centre. Teaching classes gives me great joy as it is what has made a difference to my own life from a young age. Over the years, I have taught many different groups, from all age groups and special needs with my nursing background. I teach one to one yoga sessions and design personal home programmes.

About my classes...

The vibrancy and balanced aspects of movements using breath awareness gives a new refreshing feeling for personal lifestyle. You will learn holistic health techniques that are easy to use daily. The class will help you relax, improve flexibility, enhance posture, ease back stiffness, calms anxiety and energises your body and clarity of the mind.
One student comment: "On the evening of the yoga class, I always seem to get a better night sleep."



01902 409164




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Yoga in Bilston with Joshna Patel

Enjoy a relaxing, gentle class with Dru Yoga sequences and breath work.

joshna@druworldwide.com 01902 409164 Bilston WV14 6AL WMD 31 December, 2025