Vibrant Energetics, Dru Yoga and / or Meditation teacher in Doonan, Qld Australia

Vibrant Energetics
Dru Yoga and / or Meditation teacher in Doonan, Qld Australia

I am a Dru Yoga teacher and also an Accredited Exercise Scientist and Accredited Exercise Physiologist. I am furthering my studies with a Dru yoga therapist course at the moment, 3 years in total. Delving deeper into the benefits of yoga as therapy for chronic disease/conditions, and blending it with ayurveda (The Science of Life, eastern philosophy) and the western clinical way.

My qualifications include: Dru Yoga/meditation teacher; Nutritionist with studies inclusive of a nutritional healing course with The Academy of Healing Nutrition; Food as Medicine Course with Zen Renaissance Healing Centre.

My passion and commitment to presenting a holistic approach through the blending of these skills aids in the designing and implementing of successful lifestyle changes and modifications based on individual clients needs and conditions.

By introducing self-awareness and lifestyle modifications using the tools of incorporating the practice of movement, exercise and nutrition, students are able to reach an optimal peak in their performance and health.

My holistic approach is based on the fact that the body’s functions are affected by a variety of internal and external factors such as food, hydration, exercise, movement patterns, flexibility of both the mind and the body, emotions, stress, environment, noise, sleep patterns to name a few.

The blending together of these qualifications not only assisted myself personally through my own journey of personal healing, it has resulted in a dedicated commitment to assisting in educating and training others to take responsibility of their own health and to take control in implementing changes needed to reach optimal physical and mental health.

Healing can be achieved by taking responsibility for the “self”, accepting that changes may need to take place and by embracing these changes to enable the healing process to begin.

About my classes...

My classes are a reflection of my own yoga journey, harnessing the therapeutic, nurturing quality of Dru yoga which nourishes and nurtures my body, mind and spirit.
The beauty of Dru yoga and my classes is that any one individual who presents to my class is able to completely delve into their own individual practice during each class, no matter the age, gender, fitness level, chronic condition or mental state.
A yoga class to be shared and enjoyed by all levels of participants, challenging each individual on their own level and capacity.
Bring a flowing, energetically enhancing, and balanced approach to your life journey by gifting yourself this experience.
Namaste and hope to see you in class.





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