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Kylie Mikao Phoenix
Dru Yoga and / or Meditation teacher in Wakool New South Wales Australia

I am a fully qualified Dru yoga Instructor. I have been teaching Dru Yoga classes since 2014.
What I enjoy most out of teaching Dru Yoga classes is seeing the look on student's faces, and hearing their sighs of relief and relaxation, at the end of a class. It's such a blessing to be able to give people of all ages, fitness and mobility levels, this amazing gift of Dru.
"Magical" and "that was amazing" are words I often hear...which just puts a big smile on my face.

About my classes...

My Dru yoga classes are 70 min duration. They consist of a short activation (warming up the body and the spine), a sequence (often an Energy Block Release EBR Sequence), sometimes a second sequences or some Asanas (postures), and then a lovely 20 Deep Relaxation.
All of the movements are able to be modified to suit everyone's needs. Most of the movements are very gentle flowing and with the breath. Some movements require a little more strength and balance (but are also able to be fully modified to suit the needs of students in the class).
I sometimes align the contents of the class with the current astrological charts, which gives another dimension and a little extra meaning/ purpose to the class.
I often use visualizations and affirmations during each section of the class.
And we always have a nice, relaxed and fun time coming together.
After our class, students are welcome to stay for the 45 min Meditation session. This involves pranayam and meditation. You can attend either or both. Payment is by donation






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