Margaret Wadsley, Dru Yoga and / or Meditation teacher in United Kingdom

Margaret Wadsley
Dru Yoga and / or Meditation teacher in United Kingdom

I've practiced yoga since 1991, however finding Dru I felt like I was arriving home. What I love about Dru is that it is completely inclusive. It can be taught to people from any age or walk of life. I especially appreciate YogiYou and YogaTeen because Dru for children and young people brings them the capacity to become more confident, grounded, focused and to discover stillness in their busy lives. Dru can alleviate exam stress for teens while encouraging the growth of a positive mind-set, essential to sustain resilience, for people of all ages.

About my classes...

I have taught children with language and communication difficulties in a special primary school resources base. I can provide classes for children and young people of all ages on an inclusive basis. I also cover adult classes for colleagues rather than teaching a regular class


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