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Neil Lewis - The Yogi Bear
Dru Yoga and / or Meditation teacher in United Kingdom

I first encountered Yoga 22 years ago, and through a series of life decisions, fell out of touch with it until around 5 years ago. Following some really tough life experiences, I found myself drawn again to a practice that doesn't judge, that nurtures and that works your mind and soul as well as your body. I suddenly began to see Yoga in a whole new light!
After finding a class and teacher that absolutely re-invigorated me (it was a Dru class, by the way!), I knew I needed to know more and wanted to share this practice with others. As an accomplished teacher/trainer in my professional life for over 20 years, it has been such a pleasure to add the knowledge and practice of Dru to my collection of tools to share with others.
Get real time - I'm not young, or particularly slim, or incredibly flexible. I like to have fun, I enjoy food, friends, the odd G 'n' T - basically, I'm like so many people out there who aren't sure if Yoga is for them. But believe me when I say that Yoga is for EVERYONE - and it's my pledge to my students that whether you've practiced for years or are brand new and looking for something to bring some peace and health to your busy life, you will only ever feel nurture, compassion and encouragement in my classes. Yoga is, by its very nature, non-judgmental, and every 'Yogi' knows this, so as much as it can feel daunting from the outset, let me tell you that Dru Yoga Students are some of the kindest, most supportive people you can meet, and a Dru Yoga class is one of the safest places you could ever wish to be.

About my classes...

Whether you're brand new to Yoga or you've done it before, classes with the Yogi Bear have something for everyone! Come along to one of our beginner 'taster' sessions to learn about the basics before joining a class or join a class straight away if you want!
I'm passionate about getting the message out there that Yoga is for EVERYONE. As possibly the most non-judgmental activity on the planet, your level of experience, your age, gender, level of flexibility or fitness need not be an issue. You will only ever be met with compassion, empathy, support and guidance to find your perfect practice, and everyone's is different! And not just from a physical perspective, but from a mental and emotional perspective as well. Yoga is equally for the body, mind and soul - about really caring for all aspects of your health.
We are all perfectly imperfect - love who you are, love what you do and LOVE yoga!
Namaste x



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