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Dru Yoga and / or Meditation teacher in Truro/online Cornwall United Kingdom

I had practised different forms of yoga since my mid-20's on and off, but it wasn't until I found Dru that I found a style of yoga that really resonated with me. It was fun, accessible and I left my first workshop feeling uplifted.
There were no Dru teachers near me, so I used Dru's books, videos's and the online studio to practice.
At 50, having spent 30 years working as a nurse in the NHS, I decided to train as a Dru yoga teacher, as I hoped to bring the joy of Dru classes to my part of Cornwall. It took me 4 years to complete my training, finally qualifying in September 2019.
During my training I became unwell and I was diagnosed with an overlap auto-immune disease ( Scleroderma/polymyocitis). This affects my ability to be as active as I would like, move as freely as I would choose, and its impact fluctuates. It has however given me an invaluable insight into the value of yoga practice in helping you cope and adapt to life with a long term illness. It has also taught me how to adapt my classes to suit students with differing abilities.
I have taught very physically fit people of varying ages, beginners, experienced yogi's, my 87 years old mother-in-law and a group of stroke survivors.
It is a passion of mine to make yoga accessible to all.
I am lucky enough to live in Cornwall and love walking, kayaking, swimming and cycling on my brilliant electric bike!

About my classes...

I like to think that my approach is flexible, adaptable and fun.
The main aim of my teaching is to enable students to work with their bodies, to accept their limitations , but see future possibilities.
We take time to explore posture, breath work, sequence & relaxation in a relaxed and non competitive way, with the aim of bringing a feeling of well being into the body and mind.
I am currently teaching online via a Zoom platform.



07542 283785



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Dru yoga

Tuesday evenings 18.30 - 19.30 £30 for 4 sessions ( paid in advance) or £10 drop in. £20 x4 unwaged

nikkimartinyoga1@gmail.com 07542 283785 Truro TR3 7EP CON 14 December, 2021
Online live Chair based Dru yoga

Tuesday mornings 11.30-12.15 £24 x 4 sessions ( pre-paid) £8 drop in. £16 unwaged x 4 sessions .

nikkimartinyoga1@gmail.com 07542 283785 * * 14 December, 2021
One to one yoga lessons via Zoom

One to one classes give you time to explore yoga on a more personal level. £35 and hour.

nikkimartinyoga1@gmail.com 07542 283785 * * 19 November, 2022