Tracy Rowe, Dru Yoga and / or Meditation teacher in Canberra Australia

Tracy Rowe
Dru Yoga and / or Meditation teacher in Canberra Australia

As well as practicing as being privileged to work with people as a soft tissue therapist in Canberra for the last 10 years, I now get to teach this amazing form of yoga that helps people live, love and move well. I'm the living proof - after suffering severe panic attacks, chronic headaches and burn out by the age of 35, I had to turn my life around. As well as sourcing some vital life coaching; the physical, mental and spiritual coaching I received through Dru yoga teacher training didn't just bring me back to life, it helped me thrive in a way I never knew was possible. For me, Dru yoga wasn't about becoming a "perfect yogi" - it was about learning and developing life skills that have enabled me to live my life in the most fulfilling, most resilient, most open-hearted and beautiful way.

About my classes...

Stressed? In Pain? Fatigued? Stiff from sitting at a computer all day?
Do you want to get moving again after a period of inactivity, illness or injury?
Or do you just need to reclaim time for yourself - unwind, rejuvenate and reconnect with what really matters to you?

Rediscover your body and your health through Dru Yoga at Jindii Eco Spa, within the Australian National Botanic Gardens. You CAN enjoy living in your body again. No matter what your ability, experience or challenge. These "pain-friendly" classes aim to help you finds ways to move that are always pain- and strain-free, in a fun and caring social environment.


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