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Clodagh Whelan
Dru Yoga and / or Meditation teacher in Ireland

I first discovered Dru Yoga, back in 1998, as an effective way to reduce work-related stress, anxiety and tension. It was such a help to me that I wanted to share these wonderful tools and techniques with others, and I went on to train as a Dru Yoga teacher.
Since graduating from the Dru Yoga Teacher Training Course in 2007, I have continued my professional development with the Dru Mediation Teacher Training Course (2011) and The Dru Yoga of Sound Course (2017). I have also been support tutor on the Dru Yoga Teacher Training Course and Dru Meditation Teacher Training Courses in Ireland.

My own practice continues to evolve as life throws new challenges at me and I find new depths of resilience and calm to weather the storms of life.
Dru Yoga continues to amaze me, with tools to energise and refresh or to relax and restore.
My practice consistently brings me to that calm place inside where I find the following benefits, and so many more:

- More creativity, clear thinking and concentration on work-related tasks
- Greater ability to manage change
- Increased feeling of well being
- Improved physical health including toned and strengthened muscles

I am particularly interested in helping people to work with Dru Yoga to manage the stress of work, and life, and find calm and stillness to tune in to the voice of intuitive wisdom within.

(Contact me if you are interested in starting a class or a workshop in your workplace. )

About my classes...

Dru Yoga in the workplace and private classes.
(Contact me if you are interested in classes in Wicklow, Wexford or the Dublin Area.)

The Body need Movement. The Mind need Stillness.
Dru Yoga brings Stillness in Motion .... along with activation, energy, fun, flexibility, strength, clarity, focus, visualisation and relaxation.






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