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Andrew Wells


International Dru Teacher trainer

Andrew is Director of Dru Yoga and Meditation in Australia having taught for more than 20 years in over 30 countries.

He is a visionary author, video and audio presenter and website writer on yoga and climate change. As an international presenter he trains people in whole-person approaches to health, self-empowerment and the healing of emotional trauma. He has also pioneered the application of Dru in the conflict zones of Europe and Africa to help people overcome emotional trauma.

As an extension of his teaching Andrew does chakra mentorings where he inspires people to optimise their lives on all levels by helping them to attune with the power centres of their mind. He specialises in the mind/body link within Dru and as such pioneered a new Dru course for yoga graduates that focuses on a deep exploration of the koshas in Dru Yoga - the Post Graduate Mastery Course – a course of the first of its kind that now runs successfully in Australia. Andrew spends much of his current time directing online web development for Dru globally. 



Articles, blogs and products

3 June, 2023

Advanced Practitioner Course - general introduction
Welcome! Andrew Wells gives you an overview of what you can expect from Dru's Post Graduate Advanced Practitioner Diploma course.  Discover more > Our next APD course starts online and in Scotland F2F on 23 Sept 2023.  Because of... Read more...
10 September, 2022

Discovering your Inner Sovereign
In this meditation, Andrew guides you into an experience of light, the light of your own greatness.  When we touch the reality of this light, which we all have within, it's possible to add enormously to the welfare of others.  Join... Read more...
22 April, 2022

Global Ambassador of Light - optional pre-course meditations
We are all travelling on our precious planet.  This is week 5 of our preparation for the Global Ambassador of Light training on 11 June. Today, Andrew helps you discover the inner diamond of your connection with your greatness! It's a... Read more...
3 July, 2021

Spirituality Sangha - Level 2 - Resources
Welcome to your Spirituality Sangha! As we move to the culmination of this year's Spirituality Sangha, let's start exploring how we can add even more to our spiritual potency... and indeed, change the world. The video above helps you... Read more...
18 September, 2013 Meditations on Light  - guided meditations to soothe and uplift cd
CD Meditations on light
Savitri MacCuish and Andrew Wells Relax, boost your energy, and get back into the driving seat of your life with 5 easy-to-use guided meditations. Sitting easily & comfortably Relax into peace Preparing your body to sit Turn... Read more...
21 March, 2022

Fortnight for Light on Earth - thanks!
Thank you for your meditations for peace! In this time when the earth seems to be spinning into a new phase of uncertainty, join Andrew for a few moments of thanks for your love, as well as a beautiful description of how your Inner Wisdom... Read more...
6 March, 2022

APD - Manomaya Kosha
Specially for students of the Advanced Practitioner Diploma, join Andrew for a quick overview of how to access the Manomaya Kosha - especially after accessing the Pranamaya Kosha.  And while we're at it, here's some thoughts on the Chakra... Read more...
4 March, 2022

World Peace Flame Meditation for the Ukraine
Join Andrew in the World Peace Flame meditation, with the important addition of building bridges of love to form a matrix of light before you start. Now your individual meditation can arise from a much larger feeling of connectedness and... Read more...
27 February, 2022

Global Ambassadors of Light - meditation for Ukraine
When world leaders are even daring to mention their nuclear weapons, everything changes.  This meditation is for you to start on the Global Ambassadors of Light process, right now, joining your Inner Teacher with the Inner Teacher of... Read more...
25 January, 2022

Spirituality Sangha L2 - preparation for Topup 3
Our Third Top-up is only a couple of weeks away, and so here's a gentle summary meditation to help you prepare! In this meditation, Andrew reminds you of the Four Petals, and shows you how to incorporate them into your meditation with the... Read more...
11 January, 2022

Advanced Practitioner Diploma - Happy New Year
Welcome to 2022! Andrew gives you some thoughts for 2022, the significance of your studies on the Advanced Practitioner Diploma, and some ideas for extending your discoveries of the Pranic layer.  We are looking forward to seeing you... Read more...
15 December, 2021

Advanced Practitioner Diploma - an overview of the Pranamaya Kosha
Andrew gives you an introduction to why the Pranamaya kosha is so important - from a therapeutic point of view, as well as from a spiritual perspective. Best wishes!   Read more...
28 October, 2021

Advanced Practitioner Diploma - What we do on the course
What do we do on the Advanced Practitioner Diploma course?  Andrew Wells gives you an example of the interactive style of the course, and how it will enable you to discover depths and benefits from your yoga you could never have dreamed... Read more...
3 October, 2021

Advanced Practitioner Course - why we start with the physical body
Here's some insights into why it's so crucial to be accomplished in exploring your physical body if you are to be adept at using yoga to redesign your consciousness, emotions, prana and body. Start your Advanced Yoga Journey > This... Read more...
3 October, 2021

Advanced Practitioner Course - discovering your pranic body
In Dru's Post Graduate Advanced Practitioner Course we explore each of the five layers of awareness, body, subtle energy, emotions, knowings/understandings and connectedness. Andrew introduces you to the power of accessing your pranic or... Read more...
6 October, 2021

Easy Meditations to Step Out of the Anxiety Spiral (FUD)
Hi everyone,  If you're interested in how meditation can be both really easy to do, as well as very simple - perhaps so you can more successfully share it with others, tonight's masterclass has some really great stuff! Explore > We'... Read more...