Andrew Wells


International Dru Teacher trainer

Andrew is Director of Dru Yoga and Meditation in Australia having taught for more than 20 years in over 30 countries.

He is a visionary author, video and audio presenter and website writer on yoga and climate change. As an international presenter he trains people in whole-person approaches to health, self-empowerment and the healing of emotional trauma. He has also pioneered the application of Dru in the conflict zones of Europe and Africa to help people overcome emotional trauma.

As an extension of his teaching Andrew does chakra mentorings where he inspires people to optimise their lives on all levels by helping them to attune with the power centres of their mind. He specialises in the mind/body link within Dru and as such pioneered a new Dru course for yoga graduates that focuses on a deep exploration of the koshas in Dru Yoga - the Post Graduate Mastery Course – a course of the first of its kind that now runs successfully in Australia. Andrew spends much of his current time directing online web development for Dru globally. 



Articles, blogs and products

20 May, 2020 Row of people from behind

Spirituality Sangha - small group time choices - Wed 11am
"Community is where humility and glory touch.” - Henri J M Nouwen Thanks for choosing Wednesday 11 am for your small group time.  Times are BST (British Summer Time) We’ll be in touch with you soon!    Thanks for your... Read more...
20 May, 2020 Row of people from behind
Spirituality of Sangha - small group time choices - either time
"Community is where humility and glory touch.” - Henri J M Nouwen Thanks for your flexibility in choosing 'Either time' for your small group time.  You will be in either: Tuesday at 7 pm (19.00 hrs) or Wednesday at 11 am Times... Read more...
20 May, 2020 Row of people from behind

Spirituality of Sangha - small group time choices - Tues 7pm
"Community is where humility and glory touch.” - Henri J M Nouwen Thanks for choosing  Tuesday, at 7 pm (19.00 hrs) for your small group time.  Times are in BST (British Summer Time) We’ll be in touch with you soon!    Thanks... Read more...
5 May, 2020

5 Keys of Spiritual Awakening - Day 2
Meditation on the Mooladhara Chakra - Befriending your body.  Please enjoy the meditation, using it as a key to stillness and feeling upheld and supported by the world. And we hope you find today's exploration of your body wisdom helpful... Read more...
8 May, 2020

Five Keys to Spiritual Awakening - Day 5 - Anahata Meditation
Rest in exquisite stillness, filled with the warm possibilities of your infinite potential. Andrew introduces you to the Anahata akash - the zone of the heart - in ways that few can emulate. May you have an incredible meditation! Links... Read more...
18 September, 2013 Meditations on Light  - guided meditations to soothe and uplift cd
Meditations on light
Savitri MacCuish and Andrew Wells Relax, boost your energy, and get back into the driving seat of your life with 5 easy-to-use guided meditations. Sitting easily & comfortably Relax into peace Preparing your body to sit Turn... Read more...
12 December, 2019

Forests for peace meditation
Here's a special gift for you! It's to say a big 'thank you' for your help towards creating Forests of Peace. Every tree you help plant is making a difference to our biosphere and our climate. It really means a lot! This meditation aims... Read more...
4 February, 2020


Dru Power Centres meditation
Yoga has given humanity some awesome, genius discoveries that continue to empower millions of people, thousands of years on. One of the greatest of these discoveries is embodied within a simple statement: You can access the power sources... Read more...
13 November, 2017



Earth Meditation
If you've arrived at this page, it's because we'd like to give you a gift. It's to say thanks for your help, and to wish you well on your journey through life. Our very best wishes to you. Say good bye to stress This 8 minute guided... Read more...
9 July, 2015
Dru Yoga through Visualisation - Lynnette's story
What happens when we are not able to do some of the physical yoga practices? Maybe we have a chronic illness, are in hospital or have other challenges, whether that's long term or temporary? This article focusses on visualisation. It's a... Read more...
9 July, 2015
Dru Yoga tip 62 - Let the beauty of life rest in your heart
Sometimes all the tools and techniques you have mastered seem to desert you and stress takes over. It can happen to anyone, even for those of us who have done many hours of practice and 'mastered' many routes to feeling great; suddenly the... Read more...
9 July, 2015
Dru yoga tip 13 - yoga at your desk
Do you find yourself hunched over a desk all day and experiencing a sore back and little energy as a result? Maybe your job involves a lot of driving or you spend a lot of time in a wheelchair. If so, this week's Dru Yoga tips for life is... Read more...
6 November, 2015
Cat posture - marjariasana
I've always loved the cat posture because of the way it combines utter simplicity and ease with profound results. It's just about the best back toner you'll come across, and if you can get it right, you can use it as a tool for clearing... Read more...
2 January, 2018
The World is actually becoming a better place
For many of us it’s been a challenging year. We’ve seen political turmoil, economic uncertainty and environmental instability and it's easy to feel depressed about the state of the world.  Yet what really happened? And where are we headed... Read more...
23 September, 2013
Dru Meditation DVD
Andrew Wells and Noelene Francis As seen on Body in Balance TV, Sky 275 Soothe your mind and relax your emotions with this spectacularly filmed DVD. Made especially for busy people, these quick, potent meditations guide you effortlessly... Read more...
1 January, 2017
Dru Meditation - your FREE meditation video
Enjoy this free Sky meditation.  It's from the Dru Meditation dvd. How easy it is to lose our perspective on life and some situation or issue can grow out of all proportion. We can get bogged down in the detail. The Dru Sky meditation... Read more...