Chandra Goswami


Chandra is director of Dru Scotland and serves on the Dru curriculum committee. She has facilitated courses, retreats and workshops in the UK, Europe, Asia, North America and Australasia. A senior Dru trainer and consultant for 16 years, Chandra combines authentic wisdom and clarity to create success in all areas including health & wellbeing, relationships, abundance and time management.


Articles, blogs and products

9 April, 2020
Seated relaxation with Chandra
She talks about mental and emotional agility, resilience and vigour. Enjoy Read more...
31 May, 2020
The Importance and meaning of Alignment
Chandra explains the meaning of alignment in Dru Yoga, and how to create some positive alignment moments during your day.   Read more...
29 March, 2020
Vertical Alignment Breath
Chandra Goswami introduces you to the remarkable Vertical Alignment Breath, which brings stillness and calm - while making you feel strong and empowered! It's great to have a simple technique to bring you back to your centre that you... Read more...
14 January, 2018
Dru Yoga and the Ayurvedic approach to health
Chandra Goswami introduces you to Ayurveda's cellular health - literally, from the inside out!  Some of you may know that I’m here in India, in the Southern state of Kerala. We are perched up high in the Nilgiri Hills (... Read more...