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17 August, 2021
Bhakti Yoga - the path of love
What is Bhakti Yoga, and how can it help us on our journey of self-discovery? Paul Krystall and Jane Clapham explain: Yoga helps to harmonize our body, mind and spirit, or in other words, to unite our human selves... Read more...
8 July, 2021

How Dru Relaxation and Nidra work
Jane and Andrew explore the advantages of Dru Relaxation and Nidra - in depth! Discover how it boosts your physical body, as well as putting your pranic and emotional bodies back into the flow of life. When you cease being activating to... Read more...
6 May, 2021 Spirituality of Yoga course - Level 2
Spirituality of Yoga - Level 2 - resources
Welcome to your ongoing discovery of Bhava Sampatti - excellence of emotions and being. Journal - Day 1 > Journal - Day 2 > Journal - Day 3 - full colour >  Journal - Day 3 - easy print >   Read more...
7 December, 2020
Do something today that your future self will thank you for
Sometimes it’s hard to prioritise yoga meditation and taking care of our health. Why not look into the future and see what is going to make the biggest difference to the quality of your life, and make sure you prioritise those things. Read more...
4 November, 2020
Tuning into the cycles within the cycles
Nature all around us is dominated by cycles. From the weather to the tides and the seasons cycles are effecting is whether we like it or not. Get in tune with these forces of nature and most importantly allow yourself to also let go and... Read more...
2 November, 2020
Things I wish I knew before the first lockdown
Life can be hard during lockdown but we can see any challenge as a tool for growth. Here’s what I have learned over the last few months, and why I’m really looking forward to the coming of the light at Diwali next week. Read more...
26 October, 2020
My 3 key lessons to deal with challenges
Jane shares her life lessons to keep healthy balanced and joyful during lockdown and when the nights get very dark. Eternal wisdom for a modern world! Read more...
14 December, 2020
The key to freedom lies within
The Gita teaches us that everything we are looking for outside lies within. Jane shares her experiences of discovering that inner secret.  Read more...
30 November, 2020
Are you spiritual or religious
In these times of eclipses, lockdowns, rain and family challenges, how can we identify with our eternal shining spirit, as described in the ancient spiritual texts? Jane explains how chapter 8 of the Gita gives insights about how we can... Read more...
9 November, 2020
Light up your morning with Gayatri mantra
Mantra helps us liberate our mind from our negative self talk and old patterns. Learn about the sacred Gayatri mantra and chant it together with Jane to light up your day.  Read more...
12 October, 2020
The nine nights of the goddess
Making the most of the changing seasons by tuning into Navratri or the nine nights of the goddess. The first three days are dedicated to Durga, the second three days are to Lakshmi and the third to Saraswati. Read more...
5 October, 2020
If not now when, if not me who
It’s so easy to put off the things we know are good for us, our yoga and meditation practice, calling the people we love, or even committing to something we know will transform our lives. Don’t live a life of regret, do it now!  Read more...
28 September, 2020
What will you manifest during lockdown
Jane shares a small miracle and invites us to consider mastering our mind through Meditation during lockdown. What else would you do at this time?  Read more...
14 September, 2020
Secrets of successful meditation
Jane shares her tips to keep your meditation practice going no matter how challenging the times!  Read more...
7 September, 2020
The surprising benefits of meditation
Take a deep breath and reconnect with your meditation practice.  Read more...