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6 May, 2021 Spirituality of Yoga course - Level 2
Spirituality of Yoga - Level 2 - resources
Welcome to your ongoing discovery of Bhava Sampatti - excellence of emotions and being. Journal - Day 1 >   Read more...
27 July, 2020
Create a yoga staycation
In case going away isn’t an option this summer, have a holiday at home with Jane’s tips on nurture, yoga nidra and great walks. For a weekend of blissful yoga nidra see the link in the bio! Read more...
1 March, 2021

Spirituality of Yoga & Sangha - Level 2 - Launch
Discover the Spirituality of Yoga - Level 2 Andrew and Jane give you an introduction into the experience of the Spirituality of Yoga and then a discovery of what's coming up in Level 2.  You'll learn about 'bhava sampatti', the state of... Read more...
26 June, 2020
Celebrating the power of your birth
Imagine it’s your birthday today. How would you be different if you truly believed that life was on your side? #Drutransformation   Read more...
29 June, 2020
Pacify vata and keep calm!
No matter what the weather is doing, or whether Mercury is in retrograde.... we can remain calm, focussed and positive! Jane shares her tips on how to weather the storms of life... join the free Ayurveda webinar series with the link in the... Read more...
6 July, 2020
Riding the waves of change
Want to keep stable and joyful in changing times? Make your day wrap itself around your practice. #druyoga   Read more...
3 April, 2020

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Mantra and Birds
How mantra and nature can strengthen us Jane Clapham shares her experience of meditating and hearing the chiffchaff, a summer visitor. She explains how scripture and mantra can build our resilience at this challenging time. Please do join... Read more...
23 May, 2020

Spirituality of Yoga course - resources
Welcome! We are on the journey of a lifetime together, a journey you started when you were born and will continue as long as you live: the journey to discover your Self. We hope the resources on this page will help you on your journey.... Read more...
20 July, 2020
Depressed? Find the sun inside
British summer can be disappointing! Learn how to keep your mood balanced in all weathers with Jane’s tips to keep the Sun alive. Rita’s yoga philosophy masterclass on the sun is available from Wednesday 15 July Read more...
13 July, 2020
Developing agility to see the opportunities in change
Yes, change is inevitable but it doesn’t have to be painful. How breathing can help us ride the waves of change! #drumeditation If you’d like to support my birthday fundraiser to create a studio, please search for go fund me Jane Clapham   Read more...
18 September, 2013 CD Shanti
Jane Saraswati Clapham and Dru singers A selection of soothing songs and relaxing mantras from India. Listening to this music will help you to clear your mind of worries and stress, creating the ideal ambiance for Dru Yoga and meditation.... Read more...
5 September, 2013
Jane Saraswati Clapham and Greg Carlin Subtle ambient music for meditation and relaxation. The pieces are designed to help you reach your own inner space of stillness. Track 1: Morning raga 21:41 minutes. This will awaken you to the day... Read more...
11 May, 2020
Reduce anxiety with meditation
Join Jane Clapham to learn how to manage anxiety and stress in confusing times.   Read more...
18 May, 2020
Tips to turn a bad day into a great day
No matter what the planets or the weather are doing, you can transform your mood with Jane’s tips!   Read more...
8 June, 2020
What does community mean to you? Jane shares secrets of the geese!
Stay empowered and connected through sangha or community. How can the Dru community serve you better? Please do comment. #druyoga #drutransformation   Read more...