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Author, lecturer & philosopher

Mansukh Patel, Ph.D is an author and an inspirational and motivational speaker in the field of health and self-development.  In all his presentations there is a wonderful mix of humour, deep insight and absolute practicality.   

Living the first years of his life in the Rift Valley, Kenya, gave Mansukh the incredible experience of living in and with the power of nature at its fullest.  His father guided him to read and understand the laws of nature whilst at the same time carefully navigating him through the human suffering he witnessed as a result of the Mau Mau uprising during that time.  

Arriving in the UK at the age of 13 he already had an innate understanding of the fragility and preciousness of life.

Mansukh went on to gain a doctorate in cancer toxicology in the University of Wales.  During his studies he taught a weekly yoga class attracting up to 200 students at a time.  Today he combines his scientific knowledge together with his love of health, yoga, osteopathy and ayurveda to deliver insightful and practical seminars and trainings across the world.


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18 September, 2013
Believe in Yourself MP3
Mansukh Patel High self-esteem and confidence are inherent within us all... A consistent bestseller, Believe in Yourself, 2nd edition on CD, is an excellent resource - with remarkably effective insights to help you take charge of your... Read more...
26 February, 2015 Dance between Joy and Pain
The Dance between Joy and Pain
Mansukh Patel, Rita Goswami, Chris Barrington, Savitri MacCuish & Louise Rowan Foreword by Janet Attwood - New York Times best selling co-author  The best-selling guide to emotional mastery - revised and expanded Whatever your aims... Read more...
15 September, 2013
The Freedom of the Bhagavad Gita
Mansukh Patel This lightweight, pocket sized hardbound Gita is your perfect hand-bag or office-desk companion. It brings you the Gita's verses and a profoundly insightful chapter summary that makes the Gita's wisdom leap into life in our... Read more...