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Tap in to your inner wisdom and find that fiery discipline required for success. And I wish you good luck to help you get there!!


Dru Midlands team member

Sue is driven by a conviction that Dru yoga can truly make a difference to people’s lives at many levels, physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually. She believes that the Dru lineage, plus the practical applications which Dru have developed are a powerful combination. The teacher training course provides people with a firm foundation from which they can grow and blossom in many directions.
Sue was a high school teacher for 34 years and so was able to bring her educational background to the course. Actually she says that she finds assessing assignments on the course far more fascinating than wading through piles of exercise books! Indeed it is often on reading how the course has transformed people’s lives that convinces her that she is on the right track.
Since discovering that she has a serious health challenge, which you can read all about in her blogs, Sue has continued to work with DYTT but in a slightly different way and she has turned to the written word in order to continue teaching, since she is still certain that this is why she is here.


Articles, blogs and products

21 July, 2021
The Quest for Enlightenment
Many set off on the quest for enlightenment because they have a sense, an inkling, that it is important... but in truth not many pursue it! Why? Distractions of all sorts: relationships, material possessions, the monkey mind etc. Lack... Read more...
15 November, 2020
Loving You
Loving you is so easy, dear Lord...Your love is everywhere, in everything... When we gaze at the sun setting over the water, we see Your glory before us Looking at an autumn leaf on the ground, we see Your care and attention to detail.... Read more...
19 October, 2020
Invisible Wheels (2): SWADISTHANA
How can an understanding of the sacral chakra help you to really improve your health and wellbeing? The swadhisthana chakra is strongly linked to pleasures and desires. Are you curious? Do you have challenges with any of the following... Read more...
19 October, 2020
 Yogic tips to positively impact our wellbeing      What is a CHAKRA?    A chakra is a sanskrit word meaning "wheel" and chakras are a very important part of our subtle or energy body. Interestingly, in the yogic model of the energy... Read more...
19 October, 2020
A couple of weeks ago I had a tricky week, a change in medication sparked off some considerable physical, emotional and mental discomfort, yet there is always a lesson to be learned when we experience difficulties and challenges. And the... Read more...
27 June, 2020

Contentment in the Time of Covid19
What? ...Contentment...even in the time of Covid 19...How could this be possible?... This may well be your reaction, particularly if you have been experiencing any of the following... Feeling annoyed and irritable Feeling disappointed... Read more...
1 July, 2020
Invisible Wheels (6): Ajna
Often referred to as the Eyebrow Centre or the Third Eye, the Ajna chakra is located behind the centre of the eyebrows near the pineal gland. The Sanskrit word means ‘command’ or ‘summoning’. So in what sense is it the command centre? It... Read more...
3 July, 2020
Invisible Wheels (5) - Vishuddhi
Vishuddhi, the throat chakra, located within the neck and expanding down towards the shoulders and up into the area of the mouth and lower part of the face... its sanskrit translation: visha = impurity, poison suddhi = purify So,... Read more...
3 July, 2020 The light of Gayatri

Invisible Wheels (3): Manipura
I like to think of the Manipura chakra as our POWER centre. Located above the navel and below the diaphragm in the solar plexus region of the body, it is often called the solar centre. Sometimes it is called the jewelled city or the... Read more...
1 July, 2020
Invisible wheels (4): Anahata
The HEART centre. This is number 4 of the 7 main energy centres and plays a very important role in transforming energy from the lower centres (which have to do with the way we treat ourselves and those around us), up to our higher centres... Read more...
28 June, 2020
‘It was one of those March days when the sun shines hot and the wind blows cold... when it is summer in the light and winter in the shade.' Charles Dickens I have definitely been so aware of the warmth of the sun over recent days, of its... Read more...
28 June, 2020
This week I have heard about the sudden death of a person in our village and the slightly less sudden but equally devastating death of someone who had been to my yoga classes a few years ago. The former was in her seventies, the latter in... Read more...
29 June, 2020
Love for the Planet
I have been reading a novel, The Overstory, by Richard Powers and the subject matter is close to my heart being all about trees... their importance for the planet and therefore the continuing existence of Homo Sapiens Sapiens (not just ‘... Read more...
28 June, 2020
The Art of Letting Go (2)
LETTING GO OR DROPPING AWAY? The Autumn is the perfect season in which to contemplate and practise letting go... we only have to look at the deciduous trees in a temperate climate to appreciate this. The word deciduous is defined thus... Read more...
29 June, 2020
My Bhakti Path
For those of us on our spiritual journey there are many, many different paths to follow; for those of us on our yogic paths the choice classically narrows, but there are still choices: RAJA YOGA - Royal yoga, following the eightfold path... Read more...
27 June, 2020

2020 Perfect Vision, a tool to manifest your dreams
As I reflect upon the experiences and lessons learned from the past year and prepare for new year and it's opportunities, I like to create a vision board to help me focus and create direction in my life... I first read about vision boards... Read more...