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Dru Yoga

Mouli MacKenzie, Senior Dru teacher trainer, Dru Centre, Snowdonia

Dru Yoga

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Dru Yoga

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Dru Yoga

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The Windmill Breath


The purpose of the windmill is to open your chest and expand it so that you breath more openly and deeply.

It also strengthen the diaphragm, stretches the neck muscles and loosens up the shoulder blades.

Stage 1
Listen and follow Christiane as she teaches you how to synchronise your breath with a gentle twist.


Empowering Techniques in the Face of the Bush Fires!


The bushfires have been impacting millions of people either directly or indirectly in Australia and worldwide. 

In Australia we all seem to know someone who is affected. 

Sometimes it takes a crisis to bring out our humanity. Walls come down between neighbours who don’t know each other until they are thrown together to support one another. The global outpouring of love and support from the world to Australia takes this to an even higher level. 


Complete Spinal Alignment Sequence


Poor posture is the cause of approximately 90% of neck and back problems, resulting in weakness in the postural muscle groups particularly around the trunk, shoulder blades and neck.

Recent research has shown that many people who have had episodes of lower back pain still have significant muscle weakness many months after the pain has gone. This tends to be in the deep stability muscles, including transversus abdominis and lumbar multifidus.



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