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Spirituality of Sangha - small group time choices - either time


"Community is where humility and glory touch.”

Henri J M Nouwen

Thanks for your flexibility in choosing 'Either time' for your small group time. 

You will be in either:

  • Tuesday at 7 pm (19.00 hrs) or
  • Wednesday at 11 am

Times are in BST (British Summer Time)

We’ll be in touch with you soon! 


Thanks for your enthusiasm in this remarkable journey of discovery we’re embarking upon.



Five Keys to Spiritual Awakening - Day 5 - Anahata Meditation


Welcome to Manas Anusandhanam - Journey into the Sacred Mind

This page gives you the culmination of a remarkable sequence of five meditations - links below.

This fifth meditation will help you rest in exquisite stillness, filled with the warm possibilities of your infinite potential. Andrew introduces you to the Anahata akash - the zone of the heart - in ways that few can emulate. May you have an incredible meditation!

Links to the previous four meditations in the Journey into the Sacred Mind:


5 Keys of Spiritual Awakening - Day 2


Meditation on the Mooladhara Chakra - Befriending your body. 

Please enjoy the meditation, using it as a key to stillness and feeling upheld and supported by the world. And we hope you find today's exploration of your body wisdom helpful: 'How has my body been a friend to me in the past two hours?', and 'How can I be a friend to my body in the next two hours?'

You can find today's relaxation through the chakras here.



Dru Power Centres meditation


Yoga has given humanity some awesome, genius discoveries that continue to empower millions of people, thousands of years on. One of the greatest of these discoveries is embodied within a simple statement:

You can access the power sources of your unconscious by changing your awareness along your spine. 

Welcome to the profound world of your chakras. They give you gateways to changing how your unconscious mind empowers – or disempowers – your world: 


Forests for peace meditation


Here's a special gift for you! It's to say a big 'thank you' for your help towards creating Forests of Peace. Every tree you help plant is making a difference to our biosphere and our climate. It really means a lot!

This meditation aims to bring you the strength and life force of the forest. We've set it so you can download it* and watch it in the forest - or take it anywhere when you'd like to have a bit of forest inspiration. 


The World is actually becoming a better place


For many of us it’s been a challenging year. We’ve seen political turmoil, economic uncertainty and environmental instability and it's easy to feel depressed about the state of the world. 

Yet what really happened? And where are we headed? As yogis we try to look at every situation with an open mind. And the facts are rather surprising – when we examine the actual data, many aspects of the world, from violence to poverty, health to energy production, are actually improving.


Dru Meditation - your FREE meditation video


Enjoy this free Sky meditation.  It's from the Dru Meditation dvd.

How easy it is to lose our perspective on life and some situation or issue can grow out of all proportion. We can get bogged down in the detail. The Dru Sky meditation helps you regain your perspective on life, broaden your vision, lift your eyes from a situation in which you are stuck, and see the larger perspective. Use it when you want to regain your enjoyment of life and all of those great things that are really important to you.



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