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Building Self Esteem

Imagine you are about to face a very challenging situation, yet you manage to meet it with such self assurance that you not only succeed in what you want to do but the others involved feel good about it as well.  

This is self-esteem in action, and you can cultivate this quality yourself and one of the most effective ways to do this is through the art of yoga.


I'm Not Feeling Very Centred

You know what its like – you have been rushing around so much that you are losing things. Or perhaps you have had so much on your mind that you just cant think straight.

There is nothing so refreshing like coming back home to a feeling of connectedness and equipoise.  A quick way to start this process is to give your body a shake and stretch or to do a Dru Energy Block Release sequence (from the Dru Yoga Course).

When Exhaustion Sets In

What are the symptoms of exhaustion?

You wake up tireder than when you went to sleep or you suddenly grind to a halt in the midst of a busy day.  

A quick way to restore your vitality is to lie down in makrasana and allow yourself fall asleep for 10 minutes. Ten minutes of sleep in makarasana can feel as refreshing as a whole hour of ordinary sleep.


Meditations on light

Savitri MacCuish and Andrew Wells

Relax, boost your energy, and get back into the driving seat of your life with 5 easy-to-use guided meditations.



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