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Dru Yoga tips for life

Dru Yoga teacher training course instructor, John Jones, teaching yoga

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Dru health tips

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At Snowdonia Mountain Lodge we have just celebrated the 24th anniversary of the lighting of the World Peace Flame and my heart and mind go back 20 years to one of my early connections with the World Peace Flame Foundation. It was during one of my visits to Europe from the States. Gijs, a well-established member of the Dru team in The Netherlands, very kindly invited me to stay with him in his chalet. 


2020 Perfect Vision, a tool to manifest your dreams


As I reflect upon the experiences and lessons learned from the past year and prepare for new year and it's opportunities, I like to create a vision board to help me focus and create direction in my life...

I first read about vision boards in a book called ‘The Secret’ by Rhonda Byrne and I have adapted that process to produce a succession of digital visions over the last few years which can either be printed out and pinned up on the wall or which can be created as a  wallpaper on various devices. 



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