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Dru Yoga tips for life

Dru Yoga teacher training course instructor, John Jones, teaching yoga

Dru health tips

Tips for life ..

Breathing well

Dru health tips

Tips for life ..

Dru Post Grad Mastery Course

Happy Hanuman Jayanti! Today's free technique-the Windmill Breath.

The purpose of the windmill is to open your chest and expand it so that you breath more openly and deeply. I also strengthen the diaphragm, stretches the neck muscles and loosens up the shoulder blades.

stage 1
Listen and follow Christiane as she teaches you how to synchronise your breath with a gentle twist.
stage 2

Bringing nature inside

Exploring how you can bring nature inside today by connecting to the elements. Create a sacred space with each of the elements.
Also join us tomorrow for live event streamed from Dru Centre in Snowdonia: Yoga Philosophy with Rita Goswami (one of the founders of Dru). Link in bio!



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