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Ayurveda 3-Day Evolution


Welcome to the 3 Day Ayurveda Evolution!

In this free 3-day package you will receive powerful techniques as we share the secrets of Ayurveda’s 3 vital essences: Prana, Tejas and Ojas.  

We will help you to pro-actively design and build these 3 fundamental keys to a happy, healthy and fulfilled life.


Spirituality of Yoga course - resources


Welcome! We are on the journey of a lifetime together, a journey you started when you were born and will continue as long as you live: the journey to discover your Self.

We hope the resources on this page will help you on your journey. Together, we can not only make great strides forward in our own lives, but we can also add to the lives of countless other people. 

"You are not a drop in the ocean. You are the entire ocean."
- Rumi



Spirituality of Sangha - small group time choices - either time


"Community is where humility and glory touch.”

Henri J M Nouwen

Thanks for your flexibility in choosing 'Either time' for your small group time. 

You will be in either:

  • Tuesday at 7 pm (19.00 hrs) or
  • Wednesday at 11 am

Times are in BST (British Summer Time)

We’ll be in touch with you soon! 


Thanks for your enthusiasm in this remarkable journey of discovery we’re embarking upon.



Five Keys to Spiritual Awakening - Day 5 - Anahata Meditation


Welcome to Manas Anusandhanam - Journey into the Sacred Mind

This page gives you the culmination of a remarkable sequence of five meditations - links below.

This fifth meditation will help you rest in exquisite stillness, filled with the warm possibilities of your infinite potential. Andrew introduces you to the Anahata akash - the zone of the heart - in ways that few can emulate. May you have an incredible meditation!

Links to the previous four meditations in the Journey into the Sacred Mind:



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