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Dru gifts

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5 Keys of Spiritual Awakening - Day 2


Meditation on the Mooladhara Chakra - Befriending your body. 

Please enjoy the meditation, using it as a key to stillness and feeling upheld and supported by the world. And we hope you find today's exploration of your body wisdom helpful: 'How has my body been a friend to me in the past two hours?', and 'How can I be a friend to my body in the next two hours?'

You can find today's relaxation through the chakras here.



Dru Power Centres meditation


Yoga has given humanity some awesome, genius discoveries that continue to empower millions of people, thousands of years on. One of the greatest of these discoveries is embodied within a simple statement:

You can access the power sources of your unconscious by changing your awareness along your spine. 

Welcome to the profound world of your chakras. They give you gateways to changing how your unconscious mind empowers – or disempowers – your world: 


Forests for peace meditation


Here's a special gift for you! It's to say a big 'thank you' for your help towards creating Forests of Peace. Every tree you help plant is making a difference to our biosphere and our climate. It really means a lot!

This meditation aims to bring you the strength and life force of the forest. We've set it so you can download it* and watch it in the forest - or take it anywhere when you'd like to have a bit of forest inspiration. 


Moving into your centre - mudra sequence


Welcome! This special sequence is designed to bring stillness to your mind and energy system. 

It's a special gift to you, and I hope it gives you a wonderful way to connect to your inner self.

The sequence brings a special kind of stillness. It's not just the quiet of calm... it's the kind of stillness that puts you in touch with your inner power. 



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