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Back care and wellbeing

Karen Pullan - testimonial - backcare

Psychotherapeutic Counsellor, West Yorkshire
I signed up to the backcare course for my own benefit initially due to generalised back pain. What a great course! I learned so much about myself and lots that I could share with others. Since I completed the course I have run independent backcare and wellbeing workshops for students and I have skills and knowledge to bring these practices into my general classes when required by the students. Thank you Dru and the team for this wonderful course.

Donna Davies Backcare Testimonial

Customer Experience Co-ordinator and Dru Yoga and Meditation teacher.Wrexham
I have experienced back pain and discomfort myself. It was non-specific back pain and I've tried several things over the years from Pilates to osteopaths, physiotherapists, and different exercise programmes, and while it all helped, I didn't really feel like it got to the nub of things. 
Then I discovered Dru Yoga, which was recommended by my osteopath, so I had a go and thought there's something special this. I then went on to train as a Dru Yoga teacher. And that really helped me really with my own experience of back pain and how to manage it. I felt like I was also able, to a degree, to help my yoga students as well. Although at that stage I didn’t feel I had the confidence and the ability to work with clients who maybe had more specific back pain. I felt I needed a little bit more knowledge to help them best.
So that's what led me to doing the Dru Backcare & Wellbeing course. And I really found it extremely helpful. It has enabled me to work with students in a class setting but also on a one-to-one basis and really tailor classes to meet their needs. 
And I've seen a huge difference, both in my confidence in how I teach, and in the way my students feel when I'm teaching them as well. So, if you're thinking about doing the course, I would highly recommend it. 
It's made a huge difference for me. 
I’d say, ‘Jump in there and go for it. I'm sure you will really enjoy it’.

Bernard Mostyn

Electrical Technician, Factory plant, Manchester

I have had no pain or twinges since doing Dru Yoga. I have found the back care course excellent and would recommend to others with back pain. I work at a large factory in the maintenance department, I do quite a bit of lifting motors etc. so I've had quite a lot of back problems for quite a few years now. Since I've been doing the programme, I've been getting up every morning and doing the stretches and it's helped my back to no end. I'm really impressed with how it's gone, really good.  

Dr. Alex Barnacle

Consultant Paediatric Radiologist

My back has felt a lot easier since getting into the exercises from the Dru Yoga classes. In particular, I did a care in theatre on Thursday which I do every couple of weeks - it takes a good couple of hours and involves wearing a heavy lead apron and standing in a very awkward position. Usually my back is screaming by the end. But last week, I was pain free at the end. Extraordinary. Thank you!

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