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Steps to Enlightenment

Martin Rogers

Shiatsu Practitioner / Builder. Essex

The Spirituality of Yoga Course

This was a coming home to the beauty of Dru. The energy, commit and pure love of the Dru team is such an inspiration. Not only a powerful heart opening course, grounded in sound solid practices but also surrounded by so much support with Facebook / Instagram posts from front line team and participant group and so much more web  ‘lockdown” support. The Dru team both seen and unseen have worked so hard to but this life changing program into action in a very short time and with a no doubt very steep technical learning curve to climb. I wondered how it would feel at an energetic level to participate in an online course, but wow it was also as good as being at Snowdon Lodge (Well OK it a shame Jalaram couldn’t be downstairs to make us lovely lunches!).  Dru you guys are AMAZING.... Thank you   Thank you   Thank you.

Jane Bennett

Dru yoga and Meditation teacher. Tasmania, Australia

Spirituality of Yoga Course

I really loved how all Dru presenters shared their love and Dru joy as though they were really jumping out of the screen and into my room and my heart and mind.
I found the Adhikari Namaskar incredibly beautiful to learn, to practice, and to have ready for ALL occasions and events that require learning. The physical/energy movements, mudras and affirmations are truly wonderful.
The Abundant Heart meditation reaches far and wide in my world. I find it so rich with love, and with daily support from vedic archetypes, mantras, mudra and abundant opportunities to stay in contact with Jane, Andrew and the Dru Sangha.
I am feeling a sense of the high joy and love I first experienced meeting Dru Yoga for the first time, and having Dru so regularly, visually and auditory in my life again. 

Kate Burrow

Gardener. Surrey UK
Overall the Spirituality of Yoga course was amazing, the teaching was so professional and I particularly liked the session outside in nature it broke up teaching inside and you really felt that you were there in the Welsh Valley. Everything was very clearly presented and at a great pace there was a lot of depth and it would be good to go into this deeper in our zoom groups. It has been such a wonderful support and continues to be so with the Facebook and zoom  groups I personally do feel I need help to solidify my practice not only from this course but the meditation teacher training that I am currently on.

Claire Everitt

Lancashire UK
I loved the Spirituality of Yoga course. The layering of the teaching of the meditation and the sequence was perfect. It led to a very deep and beautiful experience of  the practices. Thank you all for sharing your knowledge, experience, wisdom and love. 

Fiona Winterton

Berkshire UK
With regard to the Spirituality of Yoga course I really connected with the meditation as I haven’t been practicing for a while and it gave me the boost I needed to start again. All of you guys are so inspirational, I now practice twice a day (mostly) and am really feeling the benefit of a regular practice.

Louise Edwards

Clwyd, UK
The Spirituality of Yoga course has given me the perfect opportunity to create a much longed for consistent daily yoga practice. I feel this new practice supports my well being and personal development as well as improving how I interact with the people and places around me. Being a part of the SOY course has connected me to so many wonderful people, creating a beautiful feeling of community and friendship, very much appreciated at a time when connection with others has been so limited. The Dru Team made the online version of this course very accessible, with plenty of time to absorb the teachings between sessions and to put in to practice all that was shared. I’m delighted to be a part of the ongoing SOY Sangha and grateful to have this opportunity to both offer and receive support as we continue our spiritual journey together. 

Clare Inkster

London, UK
The Spirituality of Yoga course was a wonderful experience. Thank you. Brilliant content and wonderfully executed. The whole experience oozed care and love. 

Mariella Duindam

In the Spirituality of Yoga course I have learned to intensify my yoga practice, find Dru points and learn beautiful sequences that amongst others help my meditation to flow. About my meditation, well.. I did try to do regularly in the past, but after this course I even like to sit down more often and so I also intensified, still intensify, my meditation. And doing all that I have a lighter heart during the days "off the mat".


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