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Steps to Enlightenment

Marion Gerritsen

Yoga Teacher, Netherlands
My experience of the Spirituality of Yoga course is that it reminds me of who I am. By remembering. By the examples of the teachers. In a way profound and simple at the same time. Also joyful and deep. It helped me to ease and to be more conscious during the day. About my thoughts, feelings, good etc. A kind of reset and go on again. I am grateful for that and it helps me to trust my inner life/voice more and more.

Charlotte Jackson

This Spirituality of Yoga course brought me back to my deeper self, and allowed me to feel entirely connected. Not only to those in this Sangha, but also to nature, consciousness, all people and living things. The sequences brought through some profound wisdom and old patterns that I needed to change. I loved the format and the frequency of attendance. Such a gorgeous blessing to have come out of an isolated lockdown situation. I’m looking forward to the next chapter, it has relit my fire for sacred texts and other aspects I have allowed to slip. I feel I am now deeply back on the path I have always meant to be on, and as a result my life feels much richer.

Tina Robinson

Avatar daffodil

I loved this Spirituality of Yoga course 
It was just what I needed 
I have signed up for the online Ayurveda Nutrition Course.
Alison &Anouschka were amazing in supporting off line 

The teaching was just enough and the teachers were fab.

Jean Connor

avatar leaf
My experience of the Spirituality of Yoga course was a transformational one. I feel such a shift in my energy and my stillness within.  The tutors are an incredible group of gifted people and the students were such a wonderful open hearted community.

Karen Neal

avatar flowers
Occupational Health Technician, Somerset
There is a new spark to my day which makes me smile. I feel I have been gifted a set of truly beautifully practices to enrich my heart and in turn those around me. The Spirituality of Yoga course was lovingly crafted and delivered brilliantly  online. I highly recommend joining the next course and opening up your heart to a uniquely nourishing and uplifting  experience.

Julie Carnie

Avatar daffodil
I have just completed the Spirituality of Yoga course and I am so very grateful to you all for these beautiful teachings and I do the meditation daily and my spiritual sacred space.  I’m actually going to watch the course again as I think there are a lot of things I may have missed, a bit like revisiting your books, you always see something you never noticed before.  I have definitely felt a shift in my life spiritually and am so very thankful to you all for this. 

Bernadette McCarron

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The Spirituality of Yoga course was excellent and has taken my Spirituality to a distinctly higher level. I learned a lot and was able to develop my interest in the aspects of Spirituality I love, and it awakened curiosity in areas not so familiar with for example mudras, sacred texts. My heartfelt gratitude as I value the course as a means to taking me further on to the next stage of my Spiritual development.  
The whole course was really well put together, extremely professional and yet personal, and delivered by excellent teachers. It was made meaningful and relevant in many ways, and for example, I loved the ‘story telling’, the anecdote or memory that clearly carried the message and learning point very effectively.  
I valued the distinct areas of Mastery each of you brought to the Course with your individual specialisms and this worked really well. Annie, Jane, Andrew and Chandra, and Anoushka . 
I loved the breadth of the course, what a huge area was covered! Some areas in depth and others, for example, Ayurveda are introduced and there for us to find out more. 
I also appreciated the use of building blocks as we went through the course, for example for the Adhikari Namaskar yoga and Prem Shanti meditation.
The way of bringing us together worked very well to create a community – the FB, tutorials, the offer of help from the whole team. I don’t use FB and find it difficult as things don’t seem to be in any order and not always easy to find things. 
Any queries I had were dealt with really quickly, I had the feeling I was being supported really well. 
Tutorials were excellent, mine run by 2 really experienced people who brought their knowledge and wisdom in a professional and personal way – with lovely humour. I felt we were being welcomed into their home on zoom and into their hearts – they really cared about us.  
The Journals too were excellent.
Week 2 Journal p 3 & 4 - Thankyou for the diagrammatic outline of the Adhikari Namaskar - excellent.
Thank you with heartfelt gratitude to all involved and all the teams – a truly memorable course, full of learning and wisdom and full of fun!!

Fiona Thorne

I didn't know what to expect from this course but found that it fitted me perfectly. Although I love coming up to Wales, having the sessions in the comfort of my own home with the videos to watch again and again was a great substitute.  Just a shame I can't get anyone to cook all the wonderful vegetarian food for me!  
I loved the outside session with Annie and Radha and I particularly liked Andrew's meditations, I managed to ground myself deeper than I ever have before.  The tutor groups were really good and I like being part of a sangha!  I think it would be great if you offered some courses like this in future, when everything has sorted itself out, it was amazing that you had people from all over the world joining in

Margaret Ford

Thanks to all the Dru team for such a wonderful 3 weeks on the Spirituality of Yoga course.  I thank you with so much gratitude for the knowledge and wisdom shared by all teachers.  To feel the richness of the love and support was quite profound. Finding your inner peace and stillness is your natural state and this course gave you the tools through yoga, meditation, mantra and nature to help with your spiritual quest.    It was also so beautiful to be part of a community from all over the world with people of like mind who want to make a difference on our amazing earth. Namaste.


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