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LIVE Ayurveda Cooking Class

20 March, 2024

Live Ayurveda Cooking Class

Learn about the key Ayurveda food principles while getting your hands 'dirty'

In Ayurveda, everything you eat and drink can be categorised into the effects it has on the body, depending on the which of the 6 tastes the food contains - sweet, sour, salty, bitter, pungent/spicy and astringent. In this live follow-along cooking class, you'll be making a buddha bowl designed to be both delicious and detoxing, because March is a time when the body wants to get lighter and clearer after a cold, stagnant winter. And all the celebratory eating that happens over the festive season.

Often people typically see this type of food - also called kapha balancing food - as being less tasty than other foods, due to the more 'addictive' tastes (sweet, soup, salty) not being emphasised. Aja wants to show you that you can still have an interesting meal that is light on the body and beautiful to create. After making this meal, you'll hopefully come away with a template from which to be able to create your own buddha bowls, just substituting other ingredients as the year changes and our bodies need different things.

Prices and booking

  • Standard price - £25
  • DPN price - £12.50



Wednesday, March 20, 2024 - 17:30
Janette Phillips Dru Yoga teacher training student testimonial
Artist, Milnthorpe

It is like coming home to a supportive caring family where the emphasis is on nurturing, growth and connection!

avatar leaf
Retired, Honiton, Devon

If you want to feel better physically, mentally and spiritually, try Dru Yoga!

Avatar daffodil
Administrator, Newport

A great confidence builder/giver. A place to feel loved and nurtured. I felt the benefit I gained from working with others was fundamental and invaluable to the start of my learning process.

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