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5-Day Meditation Challenge Replays

1 March, 2022
(Registration open till March 2028)

Five days of meditation training to develop your resilience to life's challenges.

Enjoy instant access to the videos and journal from our live 5-day challenge held in March '22. The five videos in this series give you a progressive series of meditations to deepen your practice, learn new tools in the form of mantra and pranayama and help you develop your consistency of practice.

Through this series of 5 workshops you will:

  • Release your joy so you can respond rather than react to life
  • Develop clarity and focus
  • Free your mind from overwhelm
  • Establish a consistent meditation practice to navigate life’s challenges
  • Learn techniques to increase your energy levels

This challenge includes:

  • 5x Teaching Sessions
    Replays of the live training sessions designed to deepen your meditation practice. Learn pranayama, mantra and other advanced practices to develop your resilience and joy.
  • Downloadable Journal​​​​​​
    Free downloadable journal to anchor and help you to clarify your progress.


Normally this 150 minute course would be priced at £75, but until 20th March 2022, you may purchase it for £19.99. Purchase by clicking the book now button to the right of your screen.





Tuesday, March 1, 2022 - 19:00
Saturday, March 5, 2022 - 20:00
Dru Yoga teacher, Cheltenham

Dru Meditation enables you to bring your practice to the next level, leaves you feeling light and gives you a way forward.

Adi Robertson, Dru Yoga teacher and designer

Dru is the power tool I use to clear the debris from my body and mind.

Avatar autumn maple leaves
Therapist and Dru Yoga teacher, Richmond, UK
This course has taken EBR 1 to a completely different level of understanding alignment of the energy centres. The deep relaxation techniques and sitting techniques will be beneficial to my students in preparation for meditation. The stories are really inspiring.
I took the Dru Meditation online course for my personal development and have found it easier to include meditation into my daily yoga practice now. I have so enjoyed it that I would like to take the Meditation teacher training course.

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