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5-Day Meditation Challenge Replays

1 March, 2022
(Registration open till March 2028)

Five days of meditation training to develop your resilience to life's challenges.

Enjoy instant access to the videos and journal from our live 5-day challenge held in March '22. The five videos in this series give you a progressive series of meditations to deepen your practice, learn new tools in the form of mantra and pranayama and help you develop your consistency of practice.

Through this series of 5 workshops you will:

  • Release your joy so you can respond rather than react to life
  • Develop clarity and focus
  • Free your mind from overwhelm
  • Establish a consistent meditation practice to navigate life’s challenges
  • Learn techniques to increase your energy levels

This challenge includes:

  • 5x Teaching Sessions
    Replays of the live training sessions designed to deepen your meditation practice. Learn pranayama, mantra and other advanced practices to develop your resilience and joy.
  • Downloadable Journal​​​​​​
    Free downloadable journal to anchor and help you to clarify your progress.


Normally this 150 minute course would be priced at £75, but until 20th March 2022, you may purchase it for £19.99. Purchase by clicking the book now button to the right of your screen.





Tuesday, March 1, 2022 - 19:00
Saturday, March 5, 2022 - 20:00
Dru Yoga teacher, Cheltenham

Dru Meditation enables you to bring your practice to the next level, leaves you feeling light and gives you a way forward.

Dru Yoga and Meditation Teacher, Porthcawl
My name is Linda I did the Meditation teacher training in 2010, after teaching Dru Yoga for 6 yrs.
Knowing the benefits that Dru Yoga had for me, I then went on to teach both Dru Yoga and Meditation, I found that Dru Meditation took my practice to another level, I became a much calmer person, slept better, my outlook on life changed, my love for nature increased, what I found astounding was when I began teaching meditation, was watching, over the course of time the wonderful changes in people, it was almost like they were blossoming !
So many of my students told they felt so much better since beginning to meditate.
I would recommend the Dru Meditation Course to anyone, it really is a life changer.

Amazing weekend of yoga, walking and meditation. Such a beautiful place full of amazing people. Staff are very helpful and supportive and the food is superb. Would highly recommend a visit.

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