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Advanced meditation course on Zoom from Dru London

17 April, 2021

This course is for people who have done the Dru Meditation teacher training course and other experienced meditators.

It will:

  • explore the functions of the unconscious mind and its place in meditation
  • understand and achieve direct experience of mental freedom and stability
  • use creativity, ritual and mantra to enhance the meditation experience
  • learn how to extend meditation practice into everyday life
  • apply the timeless wisdom of Patanjali, Gita and sacred texts in daily practice
  • understand and experience the value of fellowship and spiritual association
  • increase the efficiency and effectiveness of your meditation time
  • learn how to combine the sacred and the practical in how you think and act

For Further Information and booking

contact Maggie Brizzi at for:

  • more information
  • to discuss the course
  • details of how to pay and book

In other words, contact Maggie!

Price and dates

The 10 teaching dates on Zoom will be:

17 April; 15 May; 19 June; 31 July; 14 Aug; 18 Sep; 16 Oct; 13 Nov; 11 Dec; 15 Jan
The timings will be: 11.30 am to 1.30 pm and 3.30 pm to 5 pm.

There will also be monthly tutorials for discussion, reflection and revision. These dates to be set by arrangement

Course Fees:

£54 per day including recording, tutorial and information handouts where applicable.
Alternatively, you may make a single payment of £500 in advance (saving £40 on the individual payments)





Saturday, April 17, 2021 - 11:00
Saturday, January 15, 2022 - 17:30
Dru Yoga teacher, Cheltenham

Dru Meditation enables you to bring your practice to the next level, leaves you feeling light and gives you a way forward.

Dru Yoga and Meditation Teacher, Porthcawl
My name is Linda I did the Meditation teacher training in 2010, after teaching Dru Yoga for 6 yrs.
Knowing the benefits that Dru Yoga had for me, I then went on to teach both Dru Yoga and Meditation, I found that Dru Meditation took my practice to another level, I became a much calmer person, slept better, my outlook on life changed, my love for nature increased, what I found astounding was when I began teaching meditation, was watching, over the course of time the wonderful changes in people, it was almost like they were blossoming !
So many of my students told they felt so much better since beginning to meditate.
I would recommend the Dru Meditation Course to anyone, it really is a life changer.
Avatar autumn maple leaves
Therapist and Dru Yoga teacher, Richmond, UK
This course has taken EBR 1 to a completely different level of understanding alignment of the energy centres. The deep relaxation techniques and sitting techniques will be beneficial to my students in preparation for meditation. The stories are really inspiring.
I took the Dru Meditation online course for my personal development and have found it easier to include meditation into my daily yoga practice now. I have so enjoyed it that I would like to take the Meditation teacher training course.

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