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Post Grad Back Care and Wellbeing Course 2022

12 August, 2022
(Registration open till August 2022)

Now more than ever our Dru techniques are exactly what so many people are needing to deal with the levels of uncertainty and anxiety in the world. Become a specialist in Back Care and Wellbeing and enhance your reach into your community and local workplaces to bring the peace, harmony and relief from pain that people are yearning for. 

This research-based course is open to all qualified yoga teachers and will cover common stress management and wellbeing issues centred around back pain, anxiety, depression and panic attacks.

You will learn easy-to-apply yoga solutions facilitating myofascial stretching, gradual muscle strengthening and healthy breathing. Practical application of the latest research around the many functions of the vagus nerve will give you a deep and nuanced understanding of the human relaxation response.


What does the course include?


  • Pre-course preparation and videos starting 2 weeks before the first live online weekend (12th August 22)
  • 4 days live online teaching over two weekends (and the downloadable replays of these sessions)
  • Extra downloadable teaching sessions to engage with in your own time between the 2 modules
  • Working on case studies in small groups with tutor guidance
  • 4  X 1.5 hour tutorials between weekends 1 & 2 with a half day tutorial on 12th Feb 23
  • Comprehensive back care manual – including teaching plans, medical guidelines and background research


What will you learn?

  • 3 extensive and progressive yoga programmes for Back Care and also 3 for Wellbeing to base your classes on
  • Trauma sensitive and compassionate teaching approach 
  • Insights into the latest research on the many functions of the vagus nerve, musculo-fascial release & the psoas muscle
  • New approaches to using breathing and relaxation techniques


Where can it take you?

This course was developed by our UK Dru International Training Centre as a ground breaking course that equips Yoga Teachers to work with the UK National Health Service within the context of the new "Social Prescribing" model that has been operating in the UK for only the last couple of years.  The Australian government is in the process of evaluating the benefit of utilising the UK Social Prescribing model for use here, so knowing how it works will be a definite advantage. More organisations/workplaces in Australia are looking for back care and/or wellbeing programs particularly in the post COVID environment to support their staff with their mental wellbeing. 

  • This course will revolutionise the way you’re teaching your current yoga classes
  • You will gain confidence to start teaching in companies or other workplace settings
  • You will be equipped to teach specialised back care programs 
  • Be at the cutting edge of the trend towards yoga complementing the medical system. 

Some of the UK course tutors are part of UK national workgroup setting standards for social prescribing.

How will the course be delivered?

The course officially starts on 12th August with pre-course work including pre-recorded videos sessions that you will access on our Dru Learning Hub

This course is a combination of online live sessions on two weekends:  27th & 28th Aug 2022 for the first weekend and again on  10 & 11th December 2022 and self study via our Dru Online Learning Hub

Between the August and December weekends there will be 4 small group tutorial sessions, and one 6 week case study you need to complete

You will also be provided with downloads of sessions to watch between the two modules.

If you’re unable to attend one live session you can always catch up as you will receive replays of all the live sessions.

It is essential to attend both weekends online. If due to un-forseen circumstances you miss 1 - 2 days you will be required to watch the recordings and submit a reflective assignment answering a few questions. 

How many CPD points will you get?

This course will give you 30 CPD points.

This course is a Yoga Australia Approved Professional Development Course providing 30 Hours CPD with YA as well


Course cost is $695

You can pay the full course fees up front or pay a registration fee of $150 and we will contact you to set up a direct debit with us of 4 monthly payments for the remainder of the course fees starting in August.

Cancellation policy

The course is tailored for those who wish to train in Dru Back Care and Wellbeing for its entire duration. In the event that you choose not to continue with the course Dru Australia charges an administration withdrawal fee of $150.


Friday, August 12, 2022 - 09:30
Sunday, February 12, 2023 - 13:30
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If you’re thinking of doing the teacher training course, just go for it! It’s brilliant for yourself and a great way to help others

Avatar blue sky and cloud
Local Authority, Ottery St Mary, Devon

I particularly enjoyed the bhima warrior posture and the vitality sequence. Also the story and explanation of stretches and muscles. Diaphragm exercise one I will definitely be doing.

Margaret Wootton testimonial
Therapist, Wolverhampton

If you are thinking of doing the teacher training course, I would say just do it. You get more flexibility and knowledge of yoga, find peace in yourself with the ability to pass it on to others. Each one you meet knows there is something about you with a readience of peace and confidence around you. 'Find your inner light of peace'.

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