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Lessons From The Bhagavad Gita 5 Bhakti Yoga

5 November, 2020
(Registration open till December 2020)

The Secret of Bhakti Yoga

This live-steam talk is 1 of 5 in a series where we will be revealing five important lessons from the Bhagavad Gita that you can apply to enhance your life & spiritual development 

Lesson number 5 explores the 'The Secret of Bhakti Yoga' because love is the essence of who we really are!

Come and join us on one of the greatest journeys of all time - the journey of Self discovery and into the heart of spirituality. 

The Bhagavad Gita gives rich answers to life's deepest questions including how we can move forward onto our spiritual path in what is said to be the most potent way - through the path of love and devotion.  In this special session we will:

  • Explore what the yoga of devotion is all about
  • Discover how love and devotion brings us profound peace and why the world needs it now
  • Learn how Bhakti is related to our natural state of being and is the key for opening up to our very highest 

Amongst other teachings we will explore the Amristastakam - the sacred versus in chapter 12 that are known as the eight verses of nectar. 

Join Astoria Barr & Deb Ryan as they explore the eternal truths of the Bhagavad Gita: 

  • Be inspired to make positive lasting changes in your life 
  • Raise your mind, open your heart and lift your consciousness 
  • Discover the Gita teachings that will support you the most at this time of great change 

Lesson number 1 (From July)             How the Characters in the Gita Relate to our Personality (now recorded for those registering after July)
Lesson number 2 (From August 20)   How do we live in the material world as a spiritual being? - (now recorded for those registering after August 20)
Lesson number 3 (From Sep 10)        What is our real purpose?  - (now recorded for those registering after September 10)
Lesson number 4 (From Oct 22)         Who are you? - (now recorded for those registering after Oct 22)
Lesson number 5 (November 5th)      The Secret of Bhakti Yoga  Available for registration as a single event after October 23

The talks can be attended separately or at discounted rate for the series of 5. Should you register for the whole series of 5 you will automatically be sent the links for the other events. 

They will be avialble to you as recording within approx 5 days of the live event. 


Prices and booking

Single Full Price = $25 (approx £15)
Single DPN discount = $20
Series of 5 sessions Full price = $100 - save $25 (approx £58)
Series of 5 session DPN discount = $80 - Save $20
If you pay for all 5 events you will receive the links for all the events and therefore you do not have to register again. 

Thursday evening 5 November
7.00pm -8.00pm (Australian Eastern Standard Time), 10am-11am UK 

Join us live online or participate via replay links in your own time!


Thursday, November 5, 2020 - 19:00
Avatar blue sky and cloud
Cleaning + yoga

Sensitive to all and very inviting, welcoming, fun, reassuring, comforting - perfect.

Avatar blue sky and cloud
Reflexologist, Axminster, Devon, UK

I liked the gradual building of positions into a sequence, so that you felt you had mastered each position before it became a sequence, which was very relaxing and confidence building.The workshop overall was friendly and welcoming, whatever level you are, whether you are a beginner or teacher. I was able to achieve positions I previously hadn't been able to because of the slow, precise instruction.

avatar dandilion head
Estate agent, Plymouth, Devon, UK

I really enjoyed being amongst like-minded yogis. I enjoyed the moving posture work as it's not often I do postures I tend to do EBR[s or sequence work. I enjoyed the sequence this afternoon. I absolutely love all of these workshops and they keep me connected, both with new yogis and in my own body and mind. There was. very good mix of exercises, things to think bout and contributing verbally.

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