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7 Practices for Empowered Wellbeing - workshop ONLINE

17 June, 2023
(Registration open till June 2023)

Energise, Balance and Relax

Step 1 To Your New Life!

Online via zoom

Would you like to increase your energy, decrease your stress and feel more joy in your day?

With seven simple practices you can easily:

  • Let go of tension

  • Bring calm to your mind

  • Tap into natural stores of energy you didn't know you had!

  • Plus you have the option to go deeper with Step 2 (see below)

Drawing on research-based yoga, meditation and ayurveda, this one day workshop will leave you deeply relaxed and recharged.

You will go home with a set of 7 simple 5-15min practices guaranteed to change your day.


About the workshop

Start the workshop with a nourishing Dru Yoga class to relax and balance you, followed by two incredible sessions to learn the practices, understand their effectiveness and to explore the benefits of Ayurveda to guide your day.

With a maximum of 12 people attending you will receive particular attention and support to ensure you get the most out of your experience. Be sure to book in quickly to secure your place.


Included in the workshop:

  • 1hr15min Dru Yoga Class valued at $30
  • 4 hours of yoga, meditation and ayurveda tuition with our experienced Dru teachers valued at $170
  • E-manual of practices valued at $10 - FREE for you to download for home practice 
  • Access to online video recordings of yoga practices valued at $20 - FREE 

Total value = $230
Cost of workshop = only $150 (You get a reduced one-time only rate as this is Day 1 of the Essence of Wellbeing Course)
Save = $95 


This is a perfect workshop for you if you are:

  • Needing to start or refresh your wellbeing regime
  • Looking for a deeper understanding of the therapeutic benefits of yoga, meditation and ayurveda
  • Considering the Essence of Yogic Wellbeing* or other Dru courses including Dru Yoga Teacher Training**
  • A trained yoga teacher or health professional wanting to find out more about Dru!

*This workshop will count as a credit towards the Essence of Yogic Wellbeing Course which starts July 29th, if you sign up for the Essence course as a result of this workshop you can credit your workshop fee to the Essence course.

** The Essence of Yogic Wellbeing course is a pre-cursor course to the Dru Yoga Teacher Training, thus making this day workshop an excellent opportunity to experience Dru Yoga Teacher Training.

Prices and booking

9.30am - 4.30pm, Registration from 9:15am.

$150 for this workshop e-manual, and online recordings. Save $95!

You can also credit this workshop to the Essence of Yogic Wellbeing Course starting online on July 29th

Any questions or would like to book? Call 02 6161 1462 or email info@dru.com.au


Saturday, June 17, 2023 - 09:30
Health Service Manager, Devon

Warm and welcoming facilitators with clear instructions and guidance.

Yoga Teacher & Yoga Therapist, Greater Manchester

Spirituality of Yoga Course

This course has brought me home to myself. It has helped me find balance and prioritise what is important to me.

Dru Yoga teacher training course sophie lennox image
Confidence & Wellbeing coach, Hebden Bridge

DYTT in a beautiful safe space in which to explore body and mind and come out sparkling! Peace of mind, awareness, grace and a sense of belonging are just a few of the results.

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