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CPD Masterclass: Making classes accessible - access now

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31 December, 2023
(Registration open till December 2024)

Post graduate masterclass with Noelene Francis

Online—or in your time

$77 for DPN members;  $110 for non-DPN members

Special Masterclass series for Dru graduates!  Recorded in March 2023.

Join Noelene to explore the whole concept of accessible yoga and meditation classes - whether we are catering to older people, or people with physical limitations, or disadvantage. 

As you know Dru Yoga's foundation is therapeutic and we learn many modifications in our training. For this reason in our experience Dru also one of the safest forms of yoga out there, especially for the increasing cohort of people who are taking up yoga in their older years. 

In this workshop, we'll explore the key principles of how to modify practices to cater for people of different ages and abilities or limitations.

We'll also cover considerations for: 

  • teaching a class of mixed abilities or goals for their yoga
  • teaching a group that includes people of several different life stages
  • the language of inclusion
  • reaching out to those who may be excluded. 

The masterclass will

  • Add to what you have learned in your teacher training for both yoga and meditation, and
  • Deepen your understanding of modification, and what you can achieve in your own practice. 

Suitable for Dru Yoga and Dru Meditation graduates. You will accrue 2  Continuing Professional Development points for viewing this masterclass. 


Prices and booking

$77 for DPN members;  $110 for non-DPN members

For more information 

Dru Professional Network
Email: drunetwork@dru.com.au
Tel: 02 6161 1462


Sunday, December 31, 2023 - 18:45
Tuesday, December 31, 2024 - 19:45
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Photographer, Hebden Bridge
If you want to press stop, feel more gratitude, give more and open your heart to a bright and happy existence, the DYTT is a place to make a start. Be inspired, work hard and make it happen
avatar calm sky and sea

On the 5 day spirituality challenge leading up to this course, I realised I did not love myself. Since starting on the Spirituality of Yoga course and working with the practices, I have experienced a deep cellular healing, a shifting in my emotions, deepening into a sense of peace and quiet control/flow of life.

I have had so many realisations on this course; one in particular was a feeling of falling in love with my practice...and wondering if this could lead to an unconditional love commitment to myself to uphold a deeper consistent practice?....

Another insight was a deep self acceptance of where I am at now, giving myself permission to listen to my inner promptings and act on them; rather than see myself as failing when I don't meet my rigid expectations. A bit of freedom..

This course is a must for any spiritual seeker who is looking to deeply anchor and regularly maintain their spiritual practice. You will never look back as you create your own spiritual unfoldment and community to support and carry you forwards. I so look forward to our continuing journey. Thank you to all our Tutors for their sincere, joyful and ongoing commitment to helping us achieve spiritual greatness.

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retired, Tavistock, Devon, UK

I enjoyed the energy and enthusiasm of the teachers and the positive vibe. I love learning new things. The workshop was excellent: enlightening and fulfilling.

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