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Essence of Yogic Wellbeing - a journey into empowerment

18 March, 2023
(Registration open till March 2023)

Awaken that part of you that cannot be shaken from peace and tranquility - this is the essence of Dru

The purpose of this course 

To equip you with the tools and knowledge you need to build a potent wellbeing practice that empowers you to be healthy, strong, resilient and happy in these times of change.
Powered by the Gandhian principles of Simple Living and High Thinking discover ways to empower yourself and your family naturally and cost effectively.

Features of this Course

  • Establish a regular yoga practice based upon the foundation principles of Dru Yoga allowing you to let go of stress and embrace the flow of life
  • Experience Dru Meditation and find out just how easy it is to reap the benefits of calming your mind for a few minutes every day
  • Learn about the Science of Life - Ayurveda - discover your personal constitution and how you can adapt your daily habits to better support you

This course is for you, if you resonate with any of the following:

  • Looking for scientifically proven techniques at a minimal cost to improve your health - physically, emotionally and/or mentally
  • Interested in the benefits of yoga, meditation and/or Ayurveda
  • Have been practicing yoga and/or meditation in classes and want to take your practice to the next level
  • Wanting to improve your lifestyle habits and/or empower yourself to make changes that help you and the world around you
  • Looking for ways to bring more light and positivity into the world
  • Already trained in other yoga traditions and interested to learn more about the Dru approach
  • Working with other wellbeing modalities and interested in complementing them with Dru
  • Looking for ways to bring greater resilience into your workplace
  • Interested in becoming a Dru Yoga or Dru Meditation Teacher

This course provides a gateway into further Dru training courses, programs and global community networks that will transform your life and give you the tools to transform the world around you.

Keen to learn more? Keep reading for course content and costs and to hear from Dru students and how they have benefited...

The course program

Your course includes 3 live online weekend sessions that run Saturday and Sunday, 9.30am to 4.30pm (Aust Eastern Time) over 3 months (one session per month)

Plus, a fourth weekend of 3 days, 9.00am to 5.00pm in person in Canberra or zooming in online.

Where possible, we will introduce you to local and regionally based Dru teachers and encourage small group practice sessions.

You will receive a home practice schedule and we encourage you to keep a reflective journal of your practice (especially if you are interested in going on to do the Dru Yoga Teacher Training course). We will provide you with your own eManuals with all the practices we teach, plus access to training videos through our online learning platform.

Course dates for 2023

Weekend 1: 18-19  March

Weekend 2: 15-16 April

Weekend 3: 13-14 May

Weekend 4: 2, 3 & 4 June (hybrid weekend)


  • Classical Asana
  • Activation and body preparations
  • Introduction to Dru's unique Energy Block Release sequences
  • Home Practice schedule
  • Introduction to Pranayama (breathing exercises)
  • Introduction Dru Meditation techniques
  • Introduction to Ayurveda and daily practices
  • Relaxation techniques
  • Yoga philosophy
  • Subtle anatomy

With over 40 years experience training people just like you to live a healthy and concious lifestyle, you will experience the greatest support to reach your highest ambition and perhaps even beyond it!

The Results

  • Empower your capacity to love
  • Claim your Dharma (purpose) and let it shine
  • Connect with nature in a more meaningful and healing way
  • Open doors to extensive courses, programs and community networks designed by experts to enable you to grow
  • Develop long-term friendships with our multi-disciplinary team of teachers who combine the best of Western science with the best of ancient wisdom.
  • Delve into a world of philosophy, spirituality, self-empowerment and service that makes meaningful change in the world.

Ready to dive deeper with Dru?

Join a group of vibrant souls to begin a journey of becoming exquisite change-makers for the planet!

About Dru

We are a fresh-thinking, not-for-profit social enterprise eager to inspire a naturally healthier way of living for everybody. We're totally passionate about creating educational programmes and collaborative networks where people can enjoy better health at all levels; physical, emotional, mental, social and spiritual.

Our Vision of a world in which empowered people are creating global unity

Our Mission to transform the world by giving people the tools to transform themselves




Your Investment into a healthy and empowered lifestyle

Three weekends over 3 months - 33 hour: $660 (equivalent of $20/hour) - to be paid in full

Four weekends over 4 months - 60 hours: $990 (equivalent of $16.50/hour) - pay in full or with payment plan

Four weekend payment plan - Pay an up front registration fee of $200 and we will contact you to set up a direct debit with us of 4 x $197.50 monthly payments for the remainder of the course fees starting in February.

Those choosing to attend for just the 3 weekends will also have the option to sign up for weekend 4 later, at a cost of $480

Cancellation Policy:
Dru Australasia charges $200 administration and withdrawal fee if you withdraw from the course 1 week prior to commencement and any time before completion of the course.
Cancellation between one month and 7 days of the course commencing will be charged a $100 administration fee. Any balances owed to the participant can be refunded or put towards another Dru Australasia course, event or our products.


Saturday, March 18, 2023 - 09:30
Sunday, June 4, 2023 - 16:30
avatar butterfly on clover
Yoga teacher, Gloucester

You will learn more than you could imagine - about yoga postures, philosophy, anatomy & physiology, yourself and the relationship you have with yourself, the world and others - and so much more. The course is really well structured and balanced across different areas of teaching. The whole of the teaching team are totally amazing - supportive, full of wisdom and knowledge and I feel really grateful for the last couple of years. The course will go quicker than you think - make the most of this opportunity.  Thank you!

avatar leaf
Co-manager, I am love, Bochum, Germany

With love, patience, knowledge and a lot of fun you become empowered to be a wonderful teacher. For me the training is perfect in many regards. Wonderful balance between practical and theoretical learning. I bet anyone could do that!

Masterclass - Dive into Yoga's Spiritual Depth

Just loved this! 
Spoke to my heart - feel totally cocooned and protected in beautiful heart felt energy.
Please keep them coming.

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