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Ayurveda Detox Live Q&A session

9 February, 2023
(Registration open till February 2023)

What is the 5-day Ayurveda Detox

We warmly invite you to join senior tutors so that you can ask any questions you have about the 5 day detox programme.
Dr. Janey Fitrzgerald and the Ayurveda team will talk about why a detox can be so important for your health and well being especially at this time of year as we move from winter into spring.
Find out what you will need to prepare for the 5 days. Who can do this type of cleanse and why.
There are so many reasons why a detox is important including:-

  • environmental
  • poor diet
  • ill health
  • stress

Discover how to enhance your health for this coming year.

Transform your life in 5 days!
Janey and the Ayurveda team

Live session with interaction

Price: free



Thursday, February 9, 2023 - 18:30
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With regard to The Spirituality of Yoga Course, I enjoyed having several tutors each giving a unique session influenced by their personal experiences,it felt so genuine coming from the heart.
Jordan Scotney, Dru Yoga student and musician
Dru Yoga teacher and musician

Dru Yoga has positively changed my life in all areas. I used to have some sort of block, a kind of disconnect with life. Now everything just flows and I can connect with life on a deeper level.

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Health food shop manager, Somerset

Taking part in the course has added Kosha awareness and improved my language to explain and explore yoga. It has deepened my spiritual awareness and provided me with tools to develop my skills with healing.

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