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Celebration of Light with Annie Jones

21 November, 2023
(Registration open till November 2023)

We're excited to invite you to a special online event, "Celebration of Light: Nourishing Mind and Body for Autumn/Winter," hosted by Annie Jones. As we embrace the cosy vibes of autumn and prepare for the winter season, this event promises to be a source of inspiration, positivity, and well-being.

The Power of Light: Discover the significance of celebrating light during the autumn and winter seasons, and understand how it can positively impact your life. 

Ignite Your Inner Light - A Key Movement: Join us for a simple yet effective movement or yoga exercise designed to awaken your inner light. This activity emphasizes the mind-body connection, promoting a sense of well-being. 

The Breath of Light: Learn how breathing exercises can center your mind and enhance your vitality. Understand the profound connection between your breath, energy, and inner light. 

The Gayatri Mantra - A Universal Light Awakening: Explore the Gayatri Mantra, a powerful tool for awakening your inner light. Experience the transformative energy of chanting this universal mantra. 

Nourishing Mind and Body for Autumn/Winter: Get ready to receive five key lifestyle tips that will help you promote well-being during the colder seasons. Discover how these practices can boost your energy levels and strengthen your immune system. 

Q&A and Closing: Engage in an open discussion, ask questions, and share your insights. We'll conclude the online workshop by thanking you for your participation and inviting you to stay connected for future events.

Workshop Notes:

Ensure that you have a comfortable space at home for the movement and breathing exercises. Stay tuned for digital handouts and materials that will be sent to you in advance. After the workshop, we invite you to join us for some virtual socializing.

Join us for an inspiring "Celebration of Light" and set the tone for a wonderful autumn and winter season. We look forward to connecting with you online and sharing this transformative experience.

Prices and booking

Date:  Tuesday 21 November 2023
Time:  6.30 - 7.30pm

Location: Online

Price: £20

Secure your spot now and recharge your energy reserves.

For enquiries and registration, contact us at hello@druworldwide.com 


Tuesday, November 21, 2023 - 18:30
GP, Yorkshire
I would thoroughly recommend the APD to anyone that is considering doing it.
I have benefitted enormously from it.
I did the course during the covid pandemic lockdown. A time of anxiety and fear. The knowledge that I gained helped me to recognise and acknowledge my feelings and gave me tools to deal with them.
The yoga postures , sequences and breathing techniques that are already familiar can be used to change our emotional energy.
In the same way that we have learnt to scan our physical body for aches and pains and stiffness or injury and use yoga postures and stretches to ease ourselves , I have learnt to scan my emotional and energetic body and recognise negative thoughts and patterns and how to correct them. By doing this regularly I feel more self-confident and happy .
I remember a very powerful moment when we were doing the Eagle posture and imagining that we were looking down at ourselves and what we perceived. I thought ‘ I am cool ‘ ! That thought has stayed with me.
avatar leaf
Solicitor, Manchester

I feel much calmer and stronger than ever before and love that I now have a gift to share.

Yoga Teacher, Netherlands

Spirituality of Yoga Course

More honest to myself. More neutral. Nature is speaking much more vivid.

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