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DPN CONNECT - Ultimate Get-Together!

12 February, 2021

We warmly invite you to join us on Friday 12th February at 7.00-8.00pm for an exciting and nurturing DPN members’ get-together.

Let's connect, feel inspired about life and our way forward as Dru teachers. 

This DPN-Connect 'Ultimate Get-Together' will offer:

  • a concise, yet powerful yoga practice
  • the opportunity to exchange ideas and experiences in small groups
  • tips to help you develop and advance your yoga business
  • news and ways forward in Dru
  • a short relaxation or meditation

Mona Fairholme and Nanna Coppens are looking forward to seeing you there.

They'll be sharing a special heart-opening Dru Sequence, the latest innovations in Dru Yoga training and, as a special treat, we'll be celebrating some of our amazing yoga teachers.

Here’s the zoom link, which will open at 6.50pm for a 7.00pm start:

Join Zoom Meeting

Meeting ID: 825 0524 5271
Passcode: 043836

FREE for DPN members

Tell us what you’d like to learn about/discuss in these get-togethers. 

Send your ideas to Mona Fairholme:
Mob:  07534 006 092 
Email: leeds@druworldwide.com 

We really look forward to seeing you soon!

Nanna and Mona


Friday, February 12, 2021 - 19:00
avatar flowers
Retired IT Manager, Derbyshire

The Advanced Practioner course has dramatically increased my awareness of the impact of movement and postures at each of the kosha levels. My practice is now much richer. I have a new toolkit to manage life's challenges. I am much more aware of the koshas in everyday life and have become a witness of reaction, behaviours and motivations. I know have a choice whether to accept these changes or redesign them if necessary.
As a yoga teacher, the course has developed my skills in using language to enrich the practice for students.

avatar butterfly on clover
I would like to take this opportunity to say a massive thank you to everyone involved.  The community that every single one of you has contributed to is really special and I feel will move forward and do great things.  Thank you to those who shared your guidance and experience, and thank you to those who brought them tea while they were doing it and those that cleaned the rooms before and after.  I am very excited to move forward and develop xx
Avatar daffodil

An inspirational heart-warming day.

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