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DPN CONNECT - Ultimate Get-Together!

16 July, 2021

We warmly invite you to join us on Friday 16 July at 7pm for an exciting and nurturing DPN members’ get-together.

Let's connect, feel inspired about life and our way forward as Dru teachers. 

This DPN-Connect 'Ultimate Get-Together' will offer:

  • a concise, yet powerful spiritual practice
  • the opportunity to exchange ideas and experiences in small groups
  • tips to help you develop and advance your yoga business
  • news and ways forward in Dru

Mona Fairholme and Nanna Coppens are looking forward to seeing you there.

FREE for DPN members

Join Zoom Meeting

Meeting ID: 913 1131 3881
Passcode: 004400

This link will NOT be sent out to you - please make a note of it.  It is the same link for each DPN Connect meeting.

These meetings are not recorded unless the presenters produce a specific piece to share before hand, so if you are unable to make the meeting this time, hopefully you will be able to DPN Connect next time!

Tell us what you’d like to learn about/discuss in these get-togethers. 

Send your ideas to Mona Fairholme:
Mob:  07534 006 092 
Email: leeds@druworldwide.com 

We really look forward to seeing you soon!

Nanna and Mona


Friday, July 16, 2021 - 19:00
Dru Yoga teacher training course testimonial
Scientist, Coventry

The course has been so inspiring to me as an individual who was simply interested in yoga at the beginning. I have learned so much from the tutors and my peers and hope to share my learnings with lots of other people in my classes. The depth of the experience has been immense and has developed my passion for yoga philosophy and has made me want to learn so much more - consequently have signed up for my next course already.

Marianne Wootton testimonial
Marine biologist, Cornwall

The course has taught me to find the power in gentleness. Previously I was used to fast-paced, high energy yoga, but deep down I knew I wanted a more holistic experience of yoga. The course has certainly delivered on this, deepening my knowledge in all sorts of areas and now I know and appreciate that postures/sequences don't have to be physically demanding to be truly powerful. Also, the whole journey has made me realise that I am enough and that you don't have to be perfect to be fabulous! The support from tutors, helpers, Dru Star Lounge is awesome.

Photo for female testimonial
Calstock, Cornwall

Dru Yoga is so gentle and flowing with no forced movement; my body always feels so much better after practising.

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