DPN CONNECT - Earth Sequence as Never Before!

28 May, 2021

We warmly invite you to join us on Friday 28 May at 7pm for an exciting and nurturing DPN members’ get-together.

Let's connect, feel inspired about life and our way forward as Dru teachers. 

This evening will include:

  1. A movement section that explores the Earth Sequence as a therapeutic and balanced activator. Learn why this sequence plays such an important role in Dru's approach to back health.
  2. Small groups connecting regarding the question:
    "What makes your students feel secure and cared for in an online class?"

Let's share best practices and learn from each other!

Mona Fairholme and Nanna Coppens are looking forward to seeing you there.

FREE for DPN members


Meeting ID: 913 1131 3881
Passcode: 004400

Tell us what you’d like to learn about/discuss in these get-togethers. 

Send your ideas to Mona Fairholme:
Mob:  07534 006 092 

We really look forward to seeing you soon!

Nanna and Mona


Friday, May 28, 2021 - 19:00
avatar leaf
Solicitor, Manchester

I feel much calmer and stronger than ever before and love that I now have a gift to share.

avatar shoreline
The Netherlands
The Algarve retreat gave me the best gift – to finally believe in myself. I enjoyed walking on the beach every morning to watch the sunrise – to be so close to the sea was wonderful. I loved working with the Dru teachers and appreciated the mentoring sessions – I felt I let go of a lot of personal issues. Thank you!
Avatar daffodil
Retired psychiatric nurse, Saltash

I enjoyed trying different sessions during the day. I feel relaxed and content, open and calm!! Thank you.

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