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Dru Kids and Teens Teacher Training 2024

25 February, 2024

Dru Kids & Teens Teacher Training course (DKT) is designed to inspire, inform and ignite a passion to work with children and teenagers from a Dru perspective. This training will give you a wonderful toolbox to:

  • expand your teaching repertoire, bringing joy and creativity to teaching children of all ages - early childhood, middle childhood, teenage and young adults

  • open the way for new business opportunities so you can make a living from sharing your love of yoga and meditation with the younger generation

  • add another string to your yoga bow making a real difference in the world - ‘You are the bows from which your children as living arrows are sent forth.’  Khalil Gibran

Course Structure

The Dru Kids and Teens teacher training is a combination of online training days and an in-person weekend designed to inspire, inform, and ignite a passion to work with children and young adults.

The online component spans over four consecutive Sundays, the first one being the foundations day and the following three Sundays focusing on the different age groups:

Day 1 - Foundations Day:

Lay the groundwork for effective teaching techniques and basic principles of teaching yoga and meditation to young people.

Day 2 - Early Childhood 3-5 year olds 

Dive into the magical world of our littlest yogis, our early explorers, fostering their physical and emotional well-being.

Day 3 - Childhood 6 – 12 year olds

Journey into the vibrant world of primary school-aged children, our joyful juniors who like to play and be creative.

Day 4 - Teens and young adults 13-18 year olds

Empower the future leaders of tomorrow during this often challenging and potentially transformative stage of life.

Live Weekend in Canberra: The Heart of the Training!

Experience the magic again of coming together in person for a weekend of fun and connection. 

There will also be lesson planning and teaching prac assessments, which will be done in small groups. These are a great opportunity for you to bring together and put into practice what you’ve learnt so you can go out with confidence to share yoga, relaxation and meditation with kids and teens.

Course dates and times in 2024

Day 1: Foundation day. Sunday 25 Feb—10am to 3.30pm AEDT

Day 2: Early Childhood age group. Sunday 3 March—12pm to 5.00pm AEDT

Day 3: Childhood age group. Sunday 10 March—12pm to 5.00pm AEDT

Day 4: Teens and Young Adults age group. Sunday 17 March—12pm to 5.00pm AEDT

Face to face weekend in Canberra: 13 and 14 April—9.30am to 4.30pm AEST

Course tutors

The course will be led by Suzanna Thell, Mariana Suarez, Vanessa Curry and an enthusiastic team of Dru yoga teachers.                              

Suzanna is the co-creator of the Dru Kids and Teens manual. She is an early childhood educator and has been teaching yoga to young people of all ages over the past 18 years. She brings a wealth of experience and knowledge from developing & teaching kids yoga programs within a successful business model. Suzanna has published her first children’s yoga story, titled Deer-lightful, based on Dru’s EBR 1 sequence. Suzanna is a YA registered senior teacher and is a lead Dru Yoga trainer on courses around Australasia.

Mariana is dynamic Dru Yoga Teacher for 12 years and the creative force behind the Whole-Hearted Girls and Teens Program. Inspired by teaching in the Melbourne Youth Justice Centre, she's on a mission to share these transformative tools with young hearts. From pre-school to primary school, her passion extends to the vibrant energy of teenagers, inspiring both the youth and their parents.

Vanessa is a passionate Dru Yoga Teacher in the Adelaide Hills and has a Diploma in Early Childhood Education and Care. She teaches a couple of yoga classes a week to kids from an age range of 7 to 15. As the mother of 3 teenagers Vanessa feels very strongly in the importance of helping young hearts and minds discover tools that create balance and peace for themselves and others.

Who is this course for?

This course is designed for yoga graduates and students-in-training from any tradition.
You may be interested as someone who is:

  • a school teacher wanting to bring yoga and meditation into each day, creating calm classrooms with happy kids
  • a therapist/counsellor wanting tools to support young people with physical, emotional and mental health
  • wanting to reconnect with your inner child, embracing a more playful perspective on how to be in life
  • a parent/grandparent wanting to share your love of yoga with your kids/grandkids so they receive the gifts that yoga has to offer

If you don't have yoga teacher training...

Applications will be received and considered from people who haven't done any formal yoga training but who can demonstrate a satisfactory level of experience in their own personal yoga practice. To apply please fill in the application form below, stating your experience and intention.


Application form

Click here to fill in the Application Form
if you're someone who doesn't already have formal yoga teacher training.
Or click on the 'Info & contact' button to register your interest in Dru Kids and Teens.


Booking and payment form 

Click the BOOK NOW button, to secure your place with payment. 

Prices and Booking

The base course includes the Foundation day and the in-person weekend.

From there, choose your preferred age group options:

Option 1: Foundation day, in-person weekend, and any one age group - $790
Option 2: Foundation day, in-person weekend, and any two age groups - $840
Option 3: Foundation day, in-person weekend, and all three age groups - $890

NOTE: Additional Age Group Option: If you initially choose Option 1 or 2 but decide later to include another age group, it can be arranged for an extra fee of $100 per day.
It is encouraged that you sign up for all 3 age groups as often people's preferences change, and also... kids have the habit of growing older!



Registration fee

Final payment

Total fee

Option 1




Option 2




Option 3





Course fees cover your manuals and tuition—26 hours online and face-to-tuition and about another 10 hours of self-paced home learning. 


Cancellation policy

The course is tailored for those who wish to train in Dru Kids and Teens for the duration you have chosen. In the event that you choose not to continue with the course, your $300 registration fee is refunded minus an administration fee of $200.


Not sure, or if you have any questions:

Come along to the FREE TASTER and Q&A on January 17. 

Or contact Suzanna:

PH: 0410 1315 604  
E: dkt@dru.com.au



Sunday, February 25, 2024 - 09:00
Sunday, April 14, 2024 - 16:30
Avatar daffodil
Retired psychiatric nurse, Saltash

I enjoyed trying different sessions during the day. I feel relaxed and content, open and calm!! Thank you.

Masterclass - Dive into Yoga's Spiritual Depth

Just loved this! 
Spoke to my heart - feel totally cocooned and protected in beautiful heart felt energy.
Please keep them coming.

retired, Ivybridge, Devon, UK

Nice sociable, friendly day. Great mix of activity and relaxation - positive atmosphere. I enjoyed all aspects. Hope I can remember some things to add to my yoga practice. The workshop was well organised and planned - all running very smoothly. All teachers very enthusiastic, confident and reassuring.

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