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Webinar - design your mind & emotions for success

16 August, 2018
(Registration open till August 2028)

Yes, it's really true!

It is perfectly possible to design your mind and emotions into whatever state you'd like - just like a master sculptor creating a masterpiece. And in your life - you are your own masterpiece.

In this webinar Andrew will give you the fundamental principles of how you can easily use Dru techniques to transform painful emotions into positive and create an inner landscape of empowering thoughts.

With these principles you will be able to create your own tool kit of yoga, meditation and relaxation practices to quickly and efficiently become the master of your mind and emotions.

Andrew will be pointing you to specific formulas of practical techniques, available on in various online sources so you can access them right away.

You'll discover a poignantly beautiful application of this in Andrew's new online course, Living with the End of Life, aimed to help us when a loved one is moving through the end of life.

Available at any time - this webinar is recorded

You will have access to a recording of the webinar, so if you are in Australasia or elsewhere in the world you can still benefit from this remarkable exploration into how to make your Dru practice effective. 


Your investment: £20


Thursday, August 16, 2018 - 19:00
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Co-manager, I am love, Bochum, Germany

With love, patience, knowledge and a lot of fun you become empowered to be a wonderful teacher. For me the training is perfect in many regards. Wonderful balance between practical and theoretical learning. I bet anyone could do that!

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nurse, Truro, Cornwall, UK

The workshop had a lovely atmosphere. I liked that we are encouraged to work within our personal limits and not over-push ourselves. Kind and gentle vibes. I particularly liked Padma's pear tree as so new and different. The workshop was well organised. A lovely focus on relaxation and breaking down postures into little bite size pieces. All the teachers had their own stye that worked positively to create a positive whole experience.

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Retired, Swansea
The Spirituality of Yoga course was like receiving a beautiful gift.Thank you to all the tutors involved for such a wonderful experience. 

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