Ayurvedic cookery day - Jun 2017

10 June, 2017

Our dietary needs vary with our age, lifestyle, changing seasons and time of day. Ayurveda offers the original personalised medicine using everyday foods, herbs and spices in a therapeutic way which suits us best.

"Come and join us for a wonderful day of hands on cooking. All the equipment and ingredients will be provided. We will be there to explain everything, and you don’t have to wash up."
Keith and Barbara

Health starts in your kitchen and from this cookery day you will understand which foods and combinations will work for you. Enjoy ‘hands on’ cooking experiences, cookery demonstrations, insights into Ayurvedic nutritional principles and a lot of fun and laughter with the team.

You’ll be amazed at how creative you can be in the kitchen!

  • Learn how to cook meals that are exciting and bursting with health and vitality.
  • Use the six Ayurvedic tastes to balance your meal.
  • Enhance your digestion with readily available herbs, spices and foods.
  • Perfect daily and seasonal eating.
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Prices & booking

£95 per day (Includes lunch and sample foods.)
£85 DPN discount

Contact and info
01372 725 327




Saturday, June 10, 2017 - 10:00
Lawrence Stroud Dru Yoga teacher training student testimonial
Japanese Accupuncturist, Whitby

Firstly, what a professional bunch you all are there at Dru! The love, enthusiasm and dedication put in by the tutors and support staff was hugely impressive - never in 50 years have I been on such a good, well done, well thought out course with such enthusiastic and caring people - you make me realise how bad a lot of the courses I have been on were! A hugely liberating and affirming life experience- the air almost crackled with the positive energy of the tutors, support staff and students. I felt a foot taller, twenty years younger and brimming with energy!!

David, Age 21, Epsom
Age 21, Epsom

You make friends with all the different types of people who will last a lifetime, and have experiences and memories which you will remember forever. It was honestly the best time I could have had with me being so open

Photo for female testimonial
Calstock, Cornwall

I feel uplifted and less burdened.