In person workshop: The Healing power of chanting and the elements |



In person workshop: The Healing power of chanting and the elements

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12 October, 2023

Discover the Magic of Autumn: Join us for an enchanting evening of Chanting, Meditation, and Light!

As the days grow shorter and the leaves begin to turn, there's a special kind of magic in the air. It's the time of year when nature gracefully transitions from the warmth of summer to the enchanting embrace of autumn. To help you make the most of this beautiful season, we invite you to join us for an unforgettable evening of chanting, meditation, and light.

Embrace the Elements

Our upcoming event is all about celebrating the elements and harnessing their energy as we embark on the journey from autumn into the darker, cosier winter months. We believe in the power of the elements to guide and nourish our souls, and we want to share that magic with you.

What to Expect

  • Chanting: The evening will begin with the soothing sounds of sacred chants. Chanting is a powerful practice that can ground and clear your mind, allowing you to connect with your inner self and the world around you
  • Movement: Next, we'll engage in gentle movements to let go of what no longer serves us. Just as the trees shed their leaves, we'll release any burdens and find a sense of balance within ourselves
  • Meditation: As the evening unfolds, we'll dive into meditation, keeping you warm and full of vitality. Our guided meditation will help you embrace the season's energy, providing you with a sense of peace, clarity, and resilience.

Why you should join us

Autumn is a time of transformation, and our event is designed to help you align with the natural rhythms of the season. By participating, you'll:

  • Find Grounding: Let go of stress and find your center amid the changing landscape of life
  • Release the Old: Shed what no longer serves you and make space for new growth and possibilities
  • Balance: Achieve equilibrium in mind, body, and spirit, ensuring you're ready to face the colder months with resilience and vitality.

Join Us in Celebration

We warmly invite you to join us for this enchanting evening of self-discovery, transformation, and connection with the elements.  As the days grow shorter, let us come together to illuminate our hearts with light, warmth, and the power of community.

Don't miss out on this unique opportunity to embrace the magic of autumn and prepare yourself for the upcoming winter season. Join us for an evening of chanting, meditation, and light, and let's make this autumn a truly enchanting experience.

Reserve your spot today and embark on a journey of self-discovery and renewal. Let's welcome the changing season with open hearts and open minds.

Limited spots available.




Standard: £15


Carmague House, Wellington Lane, Cheltenham GL52 2AG





Thursday, October 12, 2023 - 19:00
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The Netherlands
The Algarve retreat touched me deeply, from the inspiring sessions, yoga, meditation, walks and the wonderful friends I made. I felt connected to a new beginning and a clear path opened up to follow through this year and beyond
avatar sand
Such a joy to be in the beautiful Algarve enjoying the amazing life force and energy of the place with beautiful like minded people.
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The Netherlands
This week was incredibly fantastic. I did not only reload my body energy and unwind my mind about any worries, but I totally felt like I had an uploaded bubble-bath!
With this experience Dru makes it much easier for me to bring the techniques into my daily life. Thank you for the amazing way you take care!

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