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Friday Night Live with Together@Home!

10 April, 2020
(Registration open till December 2024)

Tonight, we're bringing you expert input from around the country, exploring the latest innovations in keeping healthy. 

Because... well, how are you feeling?

If you have a few doubts and anxieties at the moment - that would be perfectly natural! We're going to explore the keys to building your immune system and micro-biome so that your immunity is really tip top. And when it is, you feel a remarkable sense of vitality and confidence. This is "tejas", in ayurveda, the sense of being surrounded by a radiant field of vitality and joi de vie

More than ever before, it's time to take charge of your body and your mind and ensure you're doing all the right things. How else can you be a pillar of vitality and radiant health for everyone around you? And how else can you feel really great about being alive, right now, today???

Janey Fitzgerald, retired GP, Dru Yoga Therapy trainer & Ayurveda Health Coach trainer and medical consultant for Dru, will join us from Sheffield to describe the latest medical insights to staying healthy during the coronavirus pandemic. She'll give us some yogic perspectives on the inner workings of the virus, including at a subtle level, and ideas yoga therapy and Ayurveda would offer to staying healthy. 

Annie Jones, one of Dru's Founders and Ayurvedic Health Coach trainer, will offer some keys to Ayurveda's many theories about how to boost your health and immunity, and tell us about her special 2-day live Ayurvedic discovery weekend straight after Easter.

Nanna Coppens will give us a Dru Yoga Therapy 'quick fix' for decreasing anxiety and stress, standing tall and empowered when crisis gathers around you. 

On Friday, we'll have a remarkable time together, exploring what's coming up next week and how we can use the power of being #togetherathome to really make a difference in the world. 

And do you have any questions about this that you'd like answered?? Ask a question and we'll try to incorporate your answer into this and our other upcoming events.

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See you on Friday!


Price: free or suggested donation (£5).   


Friday, April 10, 2020 - 20:00
Angela Verrecchia
East Dunbartonshire

Spirituality of Yoga Course

I like the nudge this sangha gives. I may not be perfect with my practice but I do accept it is where I am now and as is said many times teachers - 'There are no errors in the system.

Testimonial default avatar image
retired, Tavistock, Devon, UK

I enjoyed the energy and enthusiasm of the teachers and the positive vibe. I love learning new things. The workshop was excellent: enlightening and fulfilling.

Dru Yoga and Meditation Teacher, Porthcawl
My name is Linda I did the Meditation teacher training in 2010, after teaching Dru Yoga for 6 yrs.
Knowing the benefits that Dru Yoga had for me, I then went on to teach both Dru Yoga and Meditation, I found that Dru Meditation took my practice to another level, I became a much calmer person, slept better, my outlook on life changed, my love for nature increased, what I found astounding was when I began teaching meditation, was watching, over the course of time the wonderful changes in people, it was almost like they were blossoming !
So many of my students told they felt so much better since beginning to meditate.
I would recommend the Dru Meditation Course to anyone, it really is a life changer.

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