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Masterclass - Ayurveda Immune Health Supercharge

25 March, 2020
(Registration open till May 2020)

Ayurveda offers many ways to boost your health. 


Now, more than ever before, we're thinking of our health. We're all asking ourselves, how can I have the strongest possible immune system? How can I have the strongest vitality?

Ayurveda has studied the topic of boosting the immune system and increasing vitality for thousands of years. It's possibly one of the longest-running experiments in history!

In this session, I will be introducing both a practical and spiritual approach to heal and strengthen your mind/body/soul connection. As we know, we do not exist on just one level, but on many - physical, breath, emotions, intellect and soul force.  I will start with a calming meditation to balance all the elements and introduce one of the most powerful mantras to help health and well being. From here I will talk about some of the key factors to maintaining good health. I will share simple and short movement practice you can use daily to boost your digestive fire and keep you energised. Relaxation is also key to keeping the immune system and digestive fire happy. I will share my 8 point health plan with lots of practical ways to help keep you healthy and happy! You can also ask questions during the session. Be ready to be nurtured, relaxed and nourished from inside out and have some practical ways to help stay healthy and calm. 

I look forward to seeing you all on Wednesday night - #togetherathome. 




Live class & access to recordings

Price: £20 
(£10.00 for DPN & Dru Yoga Online Studio members)


Wednesday, March 25, 2020 - 19:00
Friday, April 3, 2020 - 20:00
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Dru Yoga teacher, Bridgend

The masterclass was very informative and well presented and demonstrated. Can't fault it, a very enjoyable day!

Avatar daffodil
Having come to the end of the Spirituality of Yoga adventure I am looking forward to taking this further. It was a truly beautiful experience shared with and offered by such open souls. We attuned with nature, nourished ourselves with uplifting yoga and meditation and were offered wisdom to weave into our daily lives. We met as like minded friends to discuss our practice devoting ourselves to explore our spiritual path. Thank you Dru I am so glad to be part of this journey.
avatar flowers
Retired IT Manager, Derbyshire

The Advanced Practioner course has dramatically increased my awareness of the impact of movement and postures at each of the kosha levels. My practice is now much richer. I have a new toolkit to manage life's challenges. I am much more aware of the koshas in everyday life and have become a witness of reaction, behaviours and motivations. I know have a choice whether to accept these changes or redesign them if necessary.
As a yoga teacher, the course has developed my skills in using language to enrich the practice for students.

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