Masterclass - Dru Points - Discover exactly how Dru Yoga transforms your consciousness - Oct 2021 |



Masterclass - Dru Points - Discover exactly how Dru Yoga transforms your consciousness - Oct 2021

20 October, 2021
(Registration open till December 2025)

Dru Yoga is renowned for enabling you to transform painful emotions into positive and create the state of mind you'd like. 

How does it do this? And how can you become a master at it? 

Andrew Wells is one of Dru's pioneers of taking Dru into war zones to heal emotional trauma, and adapting its form to suit the world's major cultures. Teaching in more than 30 countries on 6 continents, he's an expert in helping anyone discover how to use yoga's powerful techniques to reshape their consciousness.

Whether you want to understand how to heal old hurts, or acheive great goals, your success will depend on how you manage your mind, your emotions, and their relationship with your body and your character. 

Dru Yoga's immense success rests upon its ability to help you achieve all this with simple, mindful movements, focus and well-crafted visualisations. As any Dru practitioner knows, our aim is to help you feel great along the transformational journey, without the need to encounter painful catharsis. It's therefore inherently safe and easy to apply. 

Tonight we'll discover the nature of Dru Points, the cornerstones of transformation within Dru practice. You'll discover how to use these within postures and sequences as the lenses that bring Dru's transformational power into vivid relief. 

Within every yoga posture or sequence there are stages in which time pauses, in which your awareness gathers into a focus that can change your world. You might experience a sudden moment of stillness. You might suddenly feel moved by an unexpected emotion. In these places you might experience an epiphany that changes your life forever, like, "Oh yes, I finally get it:. It is ok to love myself."

We call these Dru points. Some are subtle, affecting just one part of your mind at only one level. Others have the potential to be enormous, gathering your whole awareness into a stillness of such power it leaves you feeling connected and fully "yourself" for days afterwards.

Dru points are a core reason why yoga is able to redesign your mind and your emotions. They give you a tool box of ways to create the internal states you'd like to have within.

We're looking forward to helping you on your yoga journey of transformation!

Live CPD 60 min class & access to recordings

Price: £25

£12.50  for DPN members & Dru Yoga Online Studio members - please ensure you are logged into to receive the automatic discount


Wednesday, October 20, 2021 - 19:00
avatar flowers
Isle of Wight
My visit to Dru yoga has helped me grow
How to live my life and how to know 
A simple act of caring and kindness can create an endless ripple
With goodness, well meaning and sincere feelings
A full heart for sharing and how to be more caring
Now more awake with my eyes wide open
It's helped a part of me which has lain dormant 
It's been hidden because of life's torments
Looking at things now with new expectations
I can offer more value to my friends and relations
A happier and more contented person inside 
Dru has helped provide me with some expertise
How to live life to the full, enriched and at peace
Poem from the Dru Yoga teacher training. 
avatar shoreline
Complementary Therapist, Exeter

I really enjoyed my first experience of Dru Yoga, the asanas, pranayama and relaxation experienced. Thank you Imogen and Anne.

avatar flowers
Retired social worker, yoga teacher and counsellor

What I'll take from this postgrad yoga workshop today:- integration of movement and emotions and the affirmations.  Also developing asana work at a different pace.

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